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  • Well, what isn't?

    Giant monsters aren't. :p There's trainers, all sorts of pokemon both real and fake, epic locations, swarms, nice staff, and LOGIC with certain moves being used outside of battle (Like Fly/Surf).
    Sorry 'bout inactivity there, was doing an update.

    Well yeah, they're FAKEmon, after all.
    Yeah. I've struggled in math ever since xD. (Though because I had an awesome Algebra teacher in college, I got an A in that class.)

    Oh yeah. So as long as you do it, and do check it with your parents or even your teacher as much as possible, you'll be fine.
    Yeah. I remember my freshman year in high school. I had Algebra, and I was doing so well, but then we had this stupid treasure map project or whatever, and I didn't do it. So my grade dropped to a C for the rest of the year.

    I'm practicing :p.
    I wouldn't worry over it. You did the work, you're doing your best (especially since you said it's not that hard), you'll be fine. Any points are better than zero points.
    Nope. XD Cause we have no cheat codes. XD You join, you pick where yer gonna go, the mods RNG your encounter (Or Admins........or "Advisors")
    Then you shouldn't be procrastinating on here, if it's not finished yet ;P.

    I'm doing okay. College is evil as always, and I'm worried about my grades. I didn't really have a good term this time around, so I'm just scrambling now to get things done and turned in so I can get points and not kill my grades.
    Oh yeah, it has been a while. I go through a phase where I'll go to the Games sub-forum for a while, and then drift away, and then come back, and drift away again.

    So... how you've been?
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