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    @dream pray: shippuden is really awesome and its not him saving anyone. really the only people who like naruto now are people who are up to date with the newest manga chapter online or at least farther into shippuden or those up to date with the japanese subs

    here are two good sites with a nice forum: naruto.viz.com its behind one episode each week so your a week behind technically I usually use it to watch episodes I missed since they have a subbed archive unlike other sites that make you sift for a episode. I usually use other sites to watch the latest episode like gogoanime.com. I like the naruto.viz.com one because it gives you the whole episode with the entire theme song and what happened before the theme song unlike other anime sites it also shows the ending of shippuden episodes because on certain episodes they show you a small short on the lives of the characters outside of the main show not many people see, This gives you extra info and likability on the character and small character development.
    Ja heel fijn voor je hoor, k heb ook andere dingen om me druk over te maken weet je wel.
    Ik ga niet meteen opspringen voor je en je van mn club lijst verwijderen, ben je nou bedonderdt. Als k tijd heb en ingelogged ben en in mn club ben doe k dat wel. allemensen
    hi. its no problem, but please, next time if you have another comment like that, VM me like you did this time.

    its a nice offer, but i really dont stay active in clubs, therefore dont post there often.
    leuk hoor dat die populair wordt, wil je echt weten wat k van je ine piece plaatje vindt?..
    nieuwe avatar is best goed
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