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  • You're very late, sir.

    Haha, you better get used to it :D I don't even know what the old style looked like any more.

    And thanks, things have been going so-so. My (hopefully) final assignment for uni is haunting me and making me work more & harder than during the semester :( I want holidays!

    What about you? I haven't heard about you in ages. You better tell me everything!
    Hey happy birthday :D Talk to meeeee, we haven't talked in ages! I don't know what and how you've been doing at all :O But anyway I hope you'll have a nice and relaxing day =)


    Aaaaaalso, thank you! =D
    I sort of knew tat guy might be trolling. But I haven't seen him doing it before, so I thought that he could have made a big error, or that he meant another Pokemon that he though was using it.

    No need to patronize me and by responding in that thread, that is also useless, unless you delete your post as well.
    Sounds very reasonable :O

    Good luck for your next project, then ;) And happy new year!
    Enjoying your day off? :D

    My assignment was about 1) a student consulting a fortuneteller and then asking her to give back the money he paid her because his stupid friends told him that fortunetellers don't need to be paid, and 2) a girl who had a casual agreement with a guy to regularly walk his dog but unexpectedly gets bitten. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

    Also, changing the link in a minute!
    Oh boy :( Well, it's good to hear that you've got a day off on Monday!

    And no, I'm more-or-less done with the first one. Thankfully ;)
    Ouch, sounds painful in more than one way, to continue the awful joke >D

    I'm at home for a few days, not thinking about my assignment 24/7 for once! :D
    Tsk. That was very mean of you. I can be fast if I want to. Very fast. Like, lightning fast!

    Remember that I still need to Sticky the thing, so be nice >D
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