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  • I'm online!

    Well, I can't really predict every time I'll be online, but till the end of the weekend, I should be on quite a lot... NOW WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON PLEASE >(
    Whaaaaaaat. What country is this. And is the map upside down. My geographic skills, or lack thereof, are quite exceptional.

    Anyway, goooood luck!
    I'll give you the little - just because I'm having a "kind day" today - but I don't ever recall being gentle... :p
    Well, what can I say? Being mean is fun 8D

    Oh, life sure is mind-blowing. Literally. Today I was at the library for almost six hours straight, working on my assignment. Mind = blown.
    Damn, lucky b...bee :D I've got White and just White because I'm a poor, poor student and can't afford much. I demand pity, this instant!
    That doesn't sound all that great :/ I mean, it's great that you're surviving (;D), but yeah... what's wrong?

    And yeah, I like going around slapping infractions on innocent people. Fun sport :D

    Nah. So far, I'm still pretty normal. At least that's what I'd like to think *shifty eyes*
    *spams your profile*

    Yup, it was during the battle. Timecode ~16:19, I think :D

    Sorry, if you're confused as to why it says "Last edited by Sushi blah blah..." under your last post in the Move Catalog - I accidentally clicked "Edit" instead of "Quote" and stupidly didn't notice until I hit "Save Changes" D:

    Shame on me, indeed!
    I'm fine, thanks. Enjoying our rain here in Birmingham muchly. I wish I could get that long off. All I've managed to do is book off a week for my b'day next month, and for a holiday to Holland last week.
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