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  • Thank you. People are lucky I missed the first few Glaceon Princess threads; there would have been penalties for sure.

    I'll be roaming around in the next few days =P Till then...have fun with certain pesky kids at the Move Catalog Thread? :D
    *scratches head* What are you implying, sir...?


    Yeeees, I do too. I'll try to be around in the next few days. You will too, of course :p
    Yeah, its only CSOC stuff I need, and LS....

    I need another JD, the one you traded me was stolen :(

    And I need Honests.....or CotLB, they're in TDGS aren't they.

    Dya know anyone who's got the stuff for trade? I'm getting really desperate for the stuff now.
    Y...You just called me a know-it-all!

    Why, thank you for appreciating my intelligence 8D
    Yes sergeant 8|

    I do check sometimes, you know ;P I'll look again on weekend.
    *pokes* =D

    I can't ever remember if I answered certain messages or not. Whee?

    It's been a while since our last conversation on MSN - I miss them :[ How is live going? I know it's a stupid question, but it's late at night so you'll have to bear with me ;P

    And no, I'm not running around this forum at 1.30 AM. I'm not.

    Since PM Boxes are so ridiculously small, I might take a liking to spamming up your Visitor Messages page instead =]
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