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  • gen 5 events such as the singing pikachu can be rnged. it's just 3rd gen events that can't since those were traded directly to the person
    it's impossible to have a near flawless stamp pichu. old gen 3 events could not be rnged
    I don't even remember the Pokemon I traded over to you. But thanks for holding on the them for so long.
    Congrats man! How many Pokemon have you done so far? Do you still have the DW female shroomish and DW female Alomomola?
    Hi sorry for the late reply, but I've been having some terrible issue with the private messaging, I've been getting notifications that I got private messages but I haven't been receiving them through PM at all. please contact me thought visitor messages
    Okay, I got your Axew done (finally). Also, what nature and gender did you want the shinx to be, again? And, could I get a female DW shroomish instead of a female DW foongus? I'm asking because I happened to find a female foongus with Regenerator so I'm wondering if I could have a female DW shroomish and DW female Alomomola in exchange for the shiny Axew and your RNGd Shinx.
    Hey, just an update. I'm working on RNGing your Pokemon right now. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Hey man, what up. Im looking for a female DW Ralts and Zangoose (been trying to get it in a grotto but no luck), and as wondering if you could help me. I know how you like those pokes who have four eggmoves, so pick any two of my that you'd like, I also got a new one. Its a Teddiursa with Crunch/CloseCombat/Counter/MetalClaw.
    Don't worry, I'm still interested. I just need to see if Pokecheck will even work, because it was going through some renovations and I need to see if it still works.
    So sorry man, my Internet has been all funky for the past 3 weeks since my father just decided to get a new router, so now I believe I'm able to start RNGing your Pokemon. You see, I need to register their Ivs on Pokecheck so I can breed RNG them properly and efficiently and I haven't been able to do that since, well, my DS internet connection hasn't been working. I'm totally sorry I forgot to update you with that detail.
    Ill be available on wifi from this time to 9pm for the DW illumise
    And the mewtwo is completely is ready for ya!
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