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Last Activity:
Feb 21, 2014
Jul 26, 2012
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Dreamy was last seen:
Feb 21, 2014
    1. FairyWitch
      your request has been made please pick up your order at enchanted hollow graphics and thanks for choosin my shop :)
    2. Dwlr
      You're quite welcome, I've been on the other side of an image crisis before it can be quite frustrating.
    3. Dwlr
    4. Steampunk
      lol exactly. A freind saw it and told me that it was great so that didn't exactly help either XD
    5. Steampunk
      Yeah, I was flipping through the channels and saw it on and I had to force myself not to watch it from the middle XD
    6. Steampunk
      Thanks ^_^

      Did you see Sherlock season 3 yet? I missed it when it aired so I'm waiting for it to come out on Netflix or something XD
    7. Steampunk
      Aside from school, not bad XD
      How about you? Love your name change btw ^_^
    8. Conquer Phoenix
      Conquer Phoenix
      nm coyote whats been up with you
      about your last replied media production you have to take a couple of math music art communcation class but it will get a whole list of jobs I am doing adveristment so it get me a couple of jobs when I am done. YOu can also work in news studios in the back which is also good
    9. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      I noticed I had you in my friends list, but we've never talked before. Might as well...:)

      Did you get a name change recently? If so, who were you before?
    10. Conquer Phoenix
    11. Steampunk
      Yeah, decisions XD
      I personally have a part-time job, and I think I'll stick to one for now XD

      Latin's cool, I personally know a couple of terms from my law class, but that's far from actually studying the language lol. I tried to learn Japanese once, but that fizzled out pretty quickly, maybe one of these times I'll get the motivation to try it again XD

      Yeah, I should actually post there, I may post another riddle for people to work on while we're waiting XD
    12. Steampunk
      Pretty much the same here, school's had me swamped XD

      Did you see the Sherlock prequel thing on youtube? After I saw that, I was like "Give me season 3 NOW!" XD
    13. Steampunk
      Hey stark Whazzup ^_^
    14. Maedar
      Luv your avatar. (I'm a big fan of Gardevoir.)
    15. Fabulous Ampharos
      Fabulous Ampharos
      Yeah, I am IDHD !
      That's because I'm usually busy or not on much.
    16. Fabulous Ampharos
      Fabulous Ampharos
      Really good ^___^
      Pretty happy to be talking to you guys on here again, I'm not so busy anymore this break :D
    17. Fabulous Ampharos
    18. SoulMuse
      This is true, this is true.
    19. SoulMuse
      Yeah, not sure which I am saving for yet. And since I need to save for college, I am being usually stingy with my money these days.
    20. SoulMuse
      Hey man. Sorry for taking so long, been having some interent issues. Can't really disagree with the sentinment, I've stuck around mostly for the RP stuff. As for PS3 or XBox one, not really sure yet what I am gonna do. Need to find some money first.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hi, I'm Dreamy, you may call me Dreamy or Dream.

    I'm a pretty quirky guy with many interests.