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  • Yeah, almost everyone I talk to says they know someone who is a JW XD
    Yeah, I can imagine you did hash it out, but like you said, we don't really do try not to hate on anyone. And yes I knew you were homosexual for a while, before you posted it in that thread, and I didn't care. I still talked to you, and I tried my best not to say anything to offend you. But yeah, that's what we believe, we know not everyone is going to agree with us.

    But on a lighter topic, have you seen the trailer for Sherlock season 3? It look epic!
    Xbox one all the way I have been a fan for a long time and I like all the features that come with it. Plus the games that I want are all coming out for the xbox so I am sticking to. But other then that changed my major to media production computer science was just a little to hard and I have gotten back into serebii to help out the guild that I am in.
    its cool and i like your profile picture but sadly i don't have a dratini,dragonair or dragonite :/ if i do get one ill let you know ^_^
    right now i only have a female on my black version which that isn't gunna help :/ i still need to get a eevee on my game sorry i do not have a female :/
    ill keep a eye out for you stark and your right if cloning is somehow possible later on that would make alot better for us XD
    lol sorry about that. XD
    Good thing though, cuz.....I haven't really had time to play Y much and so.....I don't have a Skrelp anyways XD
    oh you did >.> Im so sorry if i missed it >.< yeah its fine just repost again just in case and we have a new division anyway fairy which I lead so you have another choice now...teg has changed since x and y came out...
    lol yeah i will and if you need anything just let me know once i beat my game ill be doing alot of breeding so just say the word i shall help you out btw i thought you wanted to join back in teg guess you changed your mind XD
    lol i breed like alot last night anyway for anyone that wants it wasn't trouble at all but glad you got one ;) like i said it wasn't trouble at all cuaz i need one in my team lol
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