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  • Yeah, you're right XD

    Man, its taking a long time for the Mystery club to be approved. Wondering if I should re-submit it. I was also thinking of setting up another club "SPPF comedy club"..........Did that sound as corny in writing as it did in my head? XD
    I can imagine. It's good to have someone that you look up to.

    I really need to get a PS3 (yet another thing for me to spend money on) Tales of Xillia, KH 1.5, KH 2.5, Sly cooper, FFXIV.......*sigh* so many games so limited time.......and money XD
    Heyo Stark ^_^

    Wow, that's really cool. I haven't really done much exciting stuff lately XD
    But I did get Y but I haven't had much time to play it with school and all. I also have to be ready to drop another $40 when Dual Destinies comes out, so after that I probably will have to cut back on my spending for a while XD
    Yeah, I know that xD But once you do get it, you can go through patterns pretty quickly ^^
    I understand that, haha. I used to only start out with scarves. Once I learned how to do circles and rounded shapes, I could do almost anything. Are you working off of a pattern?
    And this is super late, I apologize xD
    Thank you so much!! Yay another crocheter <3 What kinds of stuff do you make? ^^
    I submitted the club again, I hope it goes through. Not sure, because most of it I just copy and pasted from the original XD
    Yeah, I've spoken to him once before, and he seemed that way ^_^

    Also, I'm thinking about re-making the mystery club, any ideas to implement in the new one?
    I pm'ed "The Big Guy" and he said that it was odd and he would look into it. I always feel nervous talking to people who can give me an infraction XD
    your request has been made, please pick up your broken banner at flower paradise graphics and thanks for choosing my art shop :)
    Got that right.

    Cool. I may ask a mod about the Professor Layton, but I'm not exactly counting on it working so I'm working on other ones. The ones I'm leaning to the most are Yoshiya Kiryu (reference to the game The World Ends With You) or maybe Godot (Ace Attorney reference) XD

    Not a whole lot, actually liking school this year. Getting ready for name changes, hopefully I'll actually be able to change mine this time XD
    All finished!

    Top - http://i41.*******.com/t7ewzo.png
    Bottom - http://i43.*******.com/29goobk.gif
    yes i did sweetie just been busy haven't had time to pm back but anyway its fine even if that the strike still stands but just you have to wait a week before reapply again its in the rules i don't mind you joining back just make sure you choose wisely when in a guild alot of guilds don't like guild hopping just saying...no hard feelings ;)once you join a guild a week or more is fine without consider guild hopping you joined one day then very next day left that is considered guild hopping...just wanted to sum that up for you ^_^
    Yeah, that's going to be awesome.
    I just started a Forensic Science class......i may be kind of an addict to that sort of thing >.> lol
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