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  • Thanks dude. Yeah, kind of a lull 'till X and Y.

    Lol yeah, time keeps on chugging XD

    Yeah, hopefully it wont take too long XD

    Psyched up for Sherlock season 3?
    Heyo coyote ^_^
    Wow twenty four already? Sweet happy b-day.

    Yeah, sorry about not posting lately, and about the AC thing XD
    My 3DS is kinnda.....currently out of commission, shall we say XD My router kinnda busted, so we have to use our old one.....which doesnt support a lot of my stuff, need to save up for a new one XD

    how you been? ^_^
    PM on cooldown, so I'm leaving a VM. El copy paste!

    10:00 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME - September 16th

    3 slots are about to open as I edit the last post, best of luck~
    Cool. And nothing right now, actually! I just graduated a little while ago (with an English degree). I just never got around to changing my occupation from "student" ^^;
    alright stark but just letting you know you just joined and you really haven't tried out our guild sorry but i have to give you a strike on the teg thing right now this is consider guild hopping so just letting you know my rules in my guild gives strikes for that but your welcome to join again if you want just have to wait a week to reapply :)
    hey stark your request has been made, please pick up your banner at flower paradise graphics and thanks for choosing my art shop :)
    lol yeah know i remember :) i didn't think it was you >.< we barely talked so i never noticed the name change im sorry >.<
    your very most welcome but i feel like a idiot cuaz i can't figure out who you are >.> did you have a name change cuaz right now i don't remember you im sorry :(
    sweet, ill have to check out your town ^_^
    My Dream Address is in my bio just so you know.

    Oh yeah, loved the ending, still getting used to calling Axel, lea XD

    Yes i did, and what an ending it was XD
    at about the halfway point when Kam told Giles "You are the killer" And Giles responded "I am the killer", i literally stood up out of my chair and shouted "WHAT!" XD
    Idk, I'm really not sure of his ethnicity, Im kinnda stupid about those things XD

    Ok, if I remember correctly, and if I'm thinking of the same battle. There was a trick to beating him....unfortunately I cant remember what it was so I'm not sure why I brought it up XD if I remember it ill tell ya, assuming you haven't already beaten him XD
    Ill have to check them out then ^_^

    My overall theory is this: all the others are too obvious.

    Kam: he's kind of a jerk, and I doubt they would make the killer black, just so they didn't get sued or anything. (Idk, people are weird)

    Chris: never gotten a scared card, I don't think the killer would have made himself that obvious.

    Lyndsey: Supposed traitor.....again, too obvious.

    Now Malena....if you remember back....she always stayed right in the middle, not drawing too much attention, not getting killed either.
    I like CC so far, I think I'm about halfway. Hope to get around to dirge of cerberus next. Yeah, I loved DDD, and it really makes you want KHIII a lot more XD

    Ive never played a harvest moon game, my firemen has and he's reccomended it but ive still never played one, XD maybe I should some day.

    Ready for the Whodunnit season finale? I personally think its Malena, but idk.
    Yeah, Crisis Core, I like it so far, I should play dirge of Cerberus one of these days.
    Yeah, i probably wont be getting the PS4 until I actually know when KHIII is coming out.
    And I cant wait for the new Professor Layton and Ace Attorney games, I know AA5 is coming this fall, but i haven't heard anything about PL6 in a while.
    Hey Stark ^_^
    yeah, i hoping to get a WiiU soon, but i think i may save up for a PS4 instead(because the only game I'm really super hyped for at the moment is KHIII), but idk. And yeah, I buy almost all my games from amazon anyways, so i don't go to GS more either.

    I loved KHDDD, but then again i liked them all XD Hope you like it. I myself just got FFVII (can't believe i havent played this yet XD) and I'm loving it so far.

    Yeah, hope so XD
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