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  • Hey Stark ^_^ what's up?
    like the new name, I tried to get mine changed too but it didn't for some reason. I wanted to change it to Professor Layton and when I searched it nothing came up but they still said it was taken XD
    Attention: to whom it may concern, you know who you are, I'm taking a break from Serebii, probably going to be permanent, sorry if I don't come back, but I'm pretty tired of this place.
    Hmm, ive never done anything at open mics, its been all podiums with crowds (usually around 70-90 people). But then again, i usually know most of the people there.....but thats worse in a way, cuz if you screw up then you'll never hear the end of it XD In the end, i think you'll just have to do it once and see your reaction.

    Hmm, well, i missed last nights episode so ill have to take a look at that, but i thought of something to just put out there.
    This IS a game show and was done filming before they aired the first episode...So I think there is even more acting then you might think, because if they found the murderer on say the 4th episode....there goes the rest of the season....so its a possibility that the people/actors knew who it was most/all the time they were acting. Or.....One way to ensure that they didnt find out the identity of the murderer.....Make it a twist (the most obvious one being, the Butler XD).
    Social anxiety? Not dealt familiar with that but believe me, I thought I was gonna piss myself the first time I had to go up in front of a lot of people, so far ive done nothing more than 10 minutes but I usually calm down in the first minute or 2 of speaking.

    Same here, who do you think the killer is? I have a slight suspicion about the ex-homicide detective guy. He lied about what he did for a living in the beginning and he had 2 scared cards right at the beginning and now he got a spared card. The perfect way to get rid of suspicion is to appear to be the victim.
    Not bad....been kinnda obsessed with animal crossing though, wanna strangle my friend for getting me into it XD

    Public speaking? I have actually taken quite a few classes on that and its really not that hard, I'm sure you'll do great ^_^

    Also have you seen this new show? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ferGkzLIsA
    its called Whodunnit and its on ABC. Its kind of a mixed bag for me. On one hand I say, its just a cheezy game show with little to no acting skills needed or shown, on the other hand I'm shaking my brother, telling him to get me on this show XD
    In summary, cheezy to watch, awesome to play.....Imo XD
    I asked them, it was my mom who said the battery was dead in the first place. (i dont mess with that sort of thing that much so i have no clue if it was dead or not XD)
    But regardless of whether or not the battery was dead or not, i was the only one in the house at the time and i know that i didnt turn that thing on...
    This isnt the first time this has happened either. A few years back, we were full on hit by lighting, and that strike did a buttload of odd stuff.
    1) That picture frame lit up (that may be why i checked it this time, cuz it turned on the first time)
    2) My sister had a rocking horse that, when you pulled its ear it sand an incredibly annoying song, that thing turned on
    3) our scale, to turn it on, you tap it with your foot and then it glows and you stand on it after it starts glowing, that lit up too.

    Out of the 3 things that happened a few years back, i only noticed the picture frame this time, maybe its cuz it wasnt a direct hit this time.
    *looks up* Storm clouds. XD

    Ok, tell me if this is freaky or what. I was walking around my hous when there was a lighting strike that sounded pretty close to my place, i ran through the house making sure were werent hit and i noticed something. We have this picture frame that lights up if you push a button, and the battery has been dead for ages and we never bothered to change it. But as i was passing it, i noticed that it was on, not only that, the battery works now o_O
    My friend said that maybe somehow the lightning was close enough to charge the battery, but still.......whoa.
    What's up? Well, I feel stoupid that it took me a few minutes to figure out that ^ meant up XD
    Other than that not much, still playing animal crossing a lot. Yesterday I had a funeral in the morning and a wedding in the evening, kinnda screwy XD

    o_O wow, I like playing golf.....am I good at it.......that's another thing altogether XD

    I hope to, depends on where the money comes to finish it though.
    No prob,I give this a lot of thought too, being as I am skinny and my friend is huge (ever see the movie Nacho Libre? http://m.toledoblade.com/image/2006/06/16/800x_b1_cCM_z/Movie-review-Nacho-Libre.jpg yeah that's basically me and my friend. XD)

    He is huge and while I do think his diet may have something to do with it, I do think genetics have a role. His dad is huge and short, his mom is tall and thin, his older brother takes after his mom(being tall and thin) but him and his sister are short and huge. So I have to wonder how much
    genetics have to do with it, but then again some diseases are genetic so maybe obesity could be considered that too. Another thing is metabolism, if your metabolism is out of wack, then it will be really hard for you to lose weight, and (not to get too deep here XD) if you have a hormone imbalance then that will throw your metabolism for a loop, and almost everything these days will effect your hormone levels. Now as to it being a disease, well, a disease can be genetic, and can be the outcome of a lifestyle so yeah, I think it is most likely a disease. Now the problem is, what to do about it? I guess that depends on HOW the person got it, if its genetic, then they'll have to work a lot harder to improve their health, if its a hormone imbalance, figure out the cause and correct it, and if its just diet and exercise then.... that may actually be a simpler fix. And yeah help and knowledge will help if it can get out there but it hasn't, and someone needs to figure out the "how".

    Sorry for my block of text too, I have the same problem XD
    This is the first ac game ive played, my friend made me get it and he referred to it as "video game crack" cuz its addictive XD

    Same here, but i eat tons of junk food, so hey, ill take it XD
    Same here pretty much.

    I got it, and yeah, it takes up way more that i thought it would XD

    The PS4 looks awesome and i think im gonna get it too, but yeah i think im gonna wait on this one XD
    Eating, yes that would be recomended XD
    ... I missed Microsofts one XD
    I don't have a Xbox so I didn't care that much XD

    But when I saw the announcement for KHIII I almost crapped myself XD.
    *yelling like fitness coach*
    Quit whimpin out! Type them VMs! Drop and send me 20! XD
    but in all seriousness, ouch, I got a migrane today so I didn't do much more than lay on a couch. But today is a workout day for me too, and my brother will probably lay it on me harder cuz I haven't done anything all day XD
    Hiiiiiiiii, I saw you visited my profile earlier or sometime in the not so distant past anyways how are you my names Lynne?
    Yeah, kinnda used to that XP

    Well that's good, and with the vita being able to remotely play games from your ps3, I don't think it would be much of a stretch for it to be able to play ps3 games without having a ps3. If that's the case then I would get a vita and a ps4...... but that's wishful thinking I guess XD
    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Its not really about me, I'm mainly fought between a few people in a feud. Apperently one person said something that made another person mad and said something mean back and now one of them is crushed and the other is stewing. I come in when one asked me to put in a good word for them. I say ok then the other one has her cronies start cussing me out. *sigh* but now I think I'm just gonna take a step back and let whatever happens happen. XD
    Sorry for the block of text XD kinnda of an odd situation XD
    In response to your first Vm.

    No backward compatability? O_O. Man that sucks, I knew the wii u couldn't play gamecube games and that made me hesitate to but that one. I guess it really depends then on what system kingdom hearts 3 comes out on, ps3/4 XD

    Yeah I was mega relieved, although rreally the only problem was it slowed down insanely, to the point you were waiting up to 5 minutes for a page to load. And a few times it shut my computer down from overheating. my friend ended up naming it "the craptop" XD
    E3, hmm. Definately the new smash bros game, x and y info, the legend of zelda a link to the past 2 and anything kingdom hearts XD
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