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  • hey man, yeah, we can arrange that. We have been really busy outside of trading lately so we've slowed down a bit. Also, just to ask, have you ever used .pkm files for trading? If not, would you want to learn?
    Alright, I sent you a add on Skype, so hopefully you'll catch me around soon. What is your FC? I have to get the trade ready still but when I get the chance to sit down with the game, I'll get your FC in and your pokemon ready.
    The Darkrai, Victini, and Lugia are of interest. Wouldn't mind working out a deal for all 3 of them. Do we have 2 more things you'd like?
    Can I get info (like ot, ID, nature, etc) on the Rayquaza, Victini, Darkrai, and Lugia? And you still wanted the Shiny flawless absol right?
    O, I just read that, too. Well, if they're not available let me know. We'll work something out. If not those moves, I know of others I could use, too. :)
    Ahh, ok, well, Id really like both, if possible, but take your time. I can't trade soon (probably not until later next week), but for mewtwo, the tutors are in Fallarbor town and Lilycove city.
    Mewtwo tutored move requests would be: Metronome and substitute (both moves available in emerald)

    Moltres: Tailwind and ancientpower (both available in soul silver through the battle frontier)
    Ahh, thank you, ok. I lost the message as is, thanks for sending those again.

    Let me lookup what tutoring moves can be tutored to them, but I'd be interested in the Mewtwo or Moltres for sure.
    Depends on what pokemon you have available. Do you know what legendaries you might have to offer? Either from Silver or Emerald?
    I figured. :) I am just wondering what you have that you might be able to tutor in either Emerald or SoulSilver. (or both!).
    Sorry, I've not been able to check in heretoo often and cannot currently trade due to no wi fi at home. However, here's the info on the shiny flawless absol (that's the one you're interested in, right?): OT wish absol, gender is female and its ability is super luck. It knows scratch, Feint, swords dance, and superpower.

    So, I'm wondering what legendaries you might have from gen 3? And from what games? I'm wondering if any of them can be tutored in gen 3 or 4 still?
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