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Recent content by Dreis

  1. Dreis

    Pokemon Home

    I read and reread your posts and still for the life of me cannot make out any sort of cohesive argument. Perhaps slow it down a little, lessen the hyperbole and make clear articulated points.
  2. Dreis

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread

    I wonder if we will see the other halves of the 4 fossils. Perhaps split between the two areas.
  3. Dreis

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    Mate, yesterday you were complaining that they are catering to 8 year olds. You're 32 and acting like this? I'd say they've hit their demographic. Grow the feck up.
  4. Dreis

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - RUMOR & SPECULATION Thread [Spoilers]

    That is exactly who they think they are talking to. That is their target demographic.
  5. Dreis

    Regional Variants/Alolan Forms Discussion Thread

    You absolutely must have Delibird in the sleigh
  6. Dreis

    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    The only official word I can find in any media related to the amount of Pokemon coming in Sun and Moon was a joke reference made by Masuda that there will be more than 10. While I cannot find the direct quote it is referenced in this article on gamerant...
  7. Dreis

    Sun or Moon? Which version are you getting?

    Going to be harsh on the pocket for me, I'll get both for myself. My son wants Sun as does my Wife, but my daughter wants Moon.
  8. Dreis

    Alola Region Discussion Thread

    I'll be hoping that we can use the Strange Souvenir for something in the new games.
  9. Dreis

    QR Code Exchange Thread

    Here is mine
  10. Dreis

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    i'll take anything as long as the Trick House and its theme return. I used to listen to that for hours
  11. Dreis

    Official X & Y Help Thread

    Has the Enigma Berry from the May Challenge been made available yet? Cannot seem to find anything on it.
  12. Dreis

    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    One could make a reasonable assumption that the next (either Hoopa or Volcanion) will be shown as a teaser at the end of the Diance movie. Wether they will then follow through and release detailed information is anyones guess.
  13. Dreis

    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    I have been catching lucky egg chansey in friend safari and trading those up for Xerneas and Ybeltal usually get a trade within 15mins max.
  14. Dreis

    The Kalos Dex Thread v2 [READ FIRST POST]

    They never said that at all they said "At the back" - Which implies it is towards the end of the ... oh never mind i'm sure 90% of the people on this site got what it implied. On Topic: Sudowoodo as a 3D model was quite disappointing for me. Saw it with a group of Trevanent in a horde battle...