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  • Dresden, I saw what you posted on my profile, I'm sorry if me saying "You have a good Team" annoyed you, but it's a darn COMMENT. and you don't need to get all fussy
    Exactly. Even with 252 EVs, a Modest Snorlax for example won't get you anywhere. Unless you fancy using a Specslax xD Most people just cba with EVing, though, which is a real shame =/

    Although, Nature can be controlled using the Everstone Method or the Sync Method.
    That's unusual, actually. Most people don't care about EVs. Although, EVs do have a larger impact on the stat than Nature in most cases. I learned about them both at the same time, although I still suck at EVs xD
    Tbh, I've always had my favourites but in a serious team, I only use them if they work well. Having said that, my Battle Tower team which currently sits at 133 Wins uses three of my favourites, Latias, Swampert, and Lucario. And they're all bogstandard, so yea.

    Scizor's amazing because of Bullet Punch + Technician, and HGSS didn't help by giving him Bug Bite either, so it's understandable how common he is. Although I get why it would be annoying to have one of your favourites being extremely popular...

    Thanks for the friend request, btw.
    Oh, right. Interestingly, I got into the Competitive scene before In-Game, and worked backwards, which is unusual. You're new to the 4th Gen, eh? It opened up so many more possibilities, as I'm sure you've noticed. I was just wondering because I thought I'd introduce myself if you were staying, and also apologise for that little run-in we had in your first IGRMT thread.
    Oh hey! Yeah it's been a damn long time lol. Thanks! The Sevii Islands Saga is actually winding down, just a few more chapters to go! I'll check your fic out this seems. ;)
    Right, I remember you said that before you left. But you were very memorable and a positive influence, I thought.
    hi Dres *waves*
    I never actually speak to you, so i thought i'd drop by. How's the fic going? You don't seem to have been online for a while...
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