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  • Here lies Dresden... We remember him for his constant Rate My Team threads in the third gen section and the comments he'd make towards weird people... and perhaps some other stuff too which escapes me right now... we miss you buddy...
    Judging from the response your question got about me ending with woot21 out dawgs, yes, yes you are.
    Nevermind. o_o

    I just decided to show my case to another mod and get it reviewed. I'm serious, it was uncalled for for how aggresssive he was with me. ._.
    <_< Hey, I'm having a fun time with the mods here who like to stick their heads up their asses, so I'm gonna piss 'em off more.

    I'd love to continue talking with you, though. :D If you'd like to, I have a yahoo. IM melodiousxxnocturne if you wanna keep talking. :3 And tell me how it's coming onCrystal sometime! ^_^
    Yeah, for my original fic, not the OT one, don't worry it won't go to spoil on an idiot.

    Tho granted Mostyn does act like a retard sometimes 8D
    I know! D: I tried, I swear, but feel free to restart again with a new name and pokemon. o.o -Shrugs.-

    u_u I put that Mew on mine, but I can start Yellow over or something and do the Mew Glitch again if you feel like sending it back after you beat the game or something. I dunno. o.o
    OMFG X_X Urugh..

    So I FINALLY got Crystal sent. The mail carrier picked it up this morning, so you should be getting it in a day or two. :3 I tried tostart it over and give you Mew, but I couldn't trade until I got something from Mr. Pokemon just outside of Cherrygrove, and that would mess up a lot with the plot. o_o
    I'll just send Crystal over because I promised the extra Silver to one of my friends at home. I'll get it in the mail by Saturday, though. xD
    omg Balthier. :D I'm tempted to make you a banner/give youy my old Balthier one.

    Anyway. o3o About sending you Crystal, it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I got the stamps thankfully, but I don't want my parents asking about it, cause how am I gonna explain that? xD;; I have that overly paranoid type, yanno? <_<;;

    Anyway. :D Yeah.
    hi again Dresden. I saw you put up a spoiler for the next chapter, but I have (with much trouble) refused to look at it. I dont want to ruin reading the next chapter. :)
    hi i just read your prologue and im gonna read more 2moro. its very - how shall i put it - oh i dont know, but its very good
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