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  • Yo!! I heard you got 1st at VA Regionals!! Dude thats crazy, but you definitely deserve it. Congrats man!
    Awesome job getting 2nd place ;)
    I'm pretty sure you're going to win a travel award to nationals now lol
    lol I actually REALLY want to. But, for the most part, I'll have to get pretty lucky. If I get into a few colleges near a Regional, I'll definitely try to schedule a college visit around the time of the regional.
    Thanks for your Cresselia! Because of your help, I ended up getting top 8 in the regional ;)
    Also, I battled some guy you beat at Nationals in top cut lol
    Oh hey, since this whole trade thing may not work out (sorry, it's mostly my fault for being late the first time you were free >.<) , can you send me the .pkm file of the Cresselia? That way, I can download it into my game~
    ok! I'll be online today playing a lot of Pokemon. ;)

    Haha, and I'll wait for you as long as possible. But, I'd realllly like the cress by tomorrow if that's possible :eek:
    Awesome! After my SATs is the best time ;)
    It should end by 12:30ish Saturday, soooo let's get this trade on then! :D
    well, here's another weekend! I'll try to be on as much as possible! I have a practice SAT test until 12ish, so I'll be home at 12:30 PST tomorrow. OH yeah, and if that doesn't work, I'll be on most of the day on Sunday ;D
    daaang you get on pretty early o.o
    I'll be on from now to 12 PM PST, so if you're on then, let's trade!
    Yo! Drizzle! Would you happen to have a Cresselia you told me to add to my team? Like with that EV spread and moveset? I really need one, and no one I know has one Dx
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