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  • Saw your BW2 progress, awesome team! Although I'm surprised you think Dewgong and Weezing are your best nicknames when Probopass is sat right there flexing on everyone else?
    You know I thought I was being clever with Probopass because most people would assume Mario would be the better nickname. Turns out I used it before in an old Platinum playthrough probably not too long after it initially came out. I used to trade my main teams over to my main Gen file which was Diamond or Soul Silver and saw a Probopass with the name Luigi. Just made me feel less clever.
    Guess you just had good taste from back then too? It's all good! Nicknames are difficult to decide sometimes.
    Hey, saw your post in the Gen V recent happenings thread! Thought it was a cool team, Scolipede and Carracosta were strong contenders for my own if I'd found them earlier/wasn't using Archeops. Shame we couldn't play along with one another, maybe next time though! I used to be snivy trainer on the forums (I keep forgetting the password so I remade the account) so I guess if we did that would be a bit of deja vu huh?
    It would be! That's funny.
    Aye, well at any rate I look forward to seeing your next playthrough! I'm hoping to start Red on the Virtual Console in the next few days, just need to get my team finalised
    So um... Hopefully you remember me but what the hell, it's been forever! How you doing my dude?!

    Sorry for being so **** at replying ages ago. Can't promise I will be any better, but I was going on serebii, and started reading old posts and conversations and I thought, **** it let's see how he's doing :')
    Hi there! I was wondering if you could help me with something. Can you show me how to put the menu sprites of the Alolan pokemon into my signature?
    Haha, really? I'd just beaten Winona on OR, but got bored with the team. Blaziken, Shiftry, Vibrava, Mawile, Vigoroth and... something I can't remember. I'm probably going to play it this weekend or something, might convince my brother to do a monotype with me. Ground, Flying, Water, Fighting, Normal, Bug and Electric are all decently possible.
    Over-world was decent for sure. I agree, 3D battles aren't right. Kind of a shame that we're stuck with them from now on, since others do like them.
    I don't particularly like the 3D moving sprites and characters that now dominate XY and ORAS, but I did like the new Pokemon, and the roller-skates. And some of the gyms. I didn't like the ease of leveling - keep Exp.Share on and you're team is 65-70+ by the E4. Didn't like that at all, think it should've been slightly harder to level (not FR/LG difficulty, but D/P/Pt level).
    Nice, I do like your team thus far. Infernape and Luxray are awesome Pokemon, and Gastrodon is pretty cool as well now that I think about it. I've noticed recently I've been wanting to use "weaker" Pokemon (regional bugs for example, really wanting to use Butterfree/Mothim/Wormadam/Vivillon/Parasect on teams) but my current Pearl team will be pretty solid going into it. Might be better to do it on Platinum, but there's less nostalgia there.

    Gen IV is great, probably my favourite generation to date (mainly because I started there). Gen III was decent, Gen V was OK and Gen VI was good. Gen's I and II I never experienced bar their remakes.
    Hey, I see you started a Platinum runthrough! How's that working for you? I've been planning out my own Pearl team to relive nostalgia that is Gen IV.
    I never played the original games. I'd have liked to, but I don't own anything that I could play it on bar an emulator (which is a bit meh...) so I never bothered. LeafGreen is fun though, don't know what I'd use. Lots of possibilities.
    Yup. Medicham, Sceptile and Manectric will serve me well for the league and post-league I've got Camerupt/Sharpedo. Pretty good. Although I now have the urge to play LeafGreen, for Kanto nostalgia
    Haha, that's fine. My planned team is Sceptile, Swellow, Camerupt, Sharpedo, Manectric and Medicham. It's pretty solid, I like it.
    Not much, just sort of trying to get back into the swing of all things Pokemon. I'll probably attempt to actually clear ORAS before the new games are released, got a neat team planned out and such.
    Enjoying my holiday, spent the week with family and am now preparing to go back for one more year at school. Played any games much?
    Is it me or does no one ever seem to be online talking anymore? I mean I've basically left these forums, but it just seems like everyone else has too.
    It's all good. Yeah I haven't played much, or been on much, because one of my best friends is visiting currently. Unfortunately she leaves on friday :/
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