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    So how's life going for you right now? Have you parents been hassling you to start looking around at colleges seriously and all that jazz? Because mine sure have. It sucks, but what's worse is that I know that I have to do it if I want to get anywhere in life.
    Yeah, butterscotch is actually my favorite type of pudding, it's really good. Hard to find though.

    Haha of course not, you're the ladies' man right? Btw whatever happened to that one girl? Ancient history by now?

    Oh, and do you have any pets? I have to do a survey-thing for this statistics class I'm taking, so... yeah. If so, how many? Thanks.
    Thank God for anesthetics and laughing gas huh? Heh, I go with chocolate and butterscotch pudding myself.

    Wii Fit says I'm underweight and I haven't played at all ever since I took that first initial fitness test. How will the game make me gain weight, I'm wondering?

    If my school HAD a prom then I would. Remember, I go to this tiny private homeschool-ish school? And my other classes I'm taking at junior college... so nope. How about you?
    Ouch. I'm really hoping I won't have to get mine pulled. But my mom says that it happens pretty much to everybody. :/ Did you get any cool gifts? I got Mario Kart, not much else that's noteworthy though.

    Yeah, I always root for the underdog I guess. That and I like their uniform color and team logo. :p Yeah, Harrison's (I dunno why but it seems like I'm making a mistake on his name) interception was amazing, but it's just frustrating to think that the Cardinals would've won if Kurt Warner had even thrown the ball out of bounds. Of all places, he HAD to throw it to the guy who can take it all the way. On the last second of the half. It was a completely avoidable mistake that ended up costing them the win....
    What, you had a birthday? Damn! Sorry I wasn't here. Happy belated birthday man, hope it was sweet (don't mind Tadashi down there, it's an inside joke I swear). Did you have a huge party?

    Oh yeah, what'd you think of the Super Bowl? I know that YOU watched it (for some reason I can't find anybody else here who cares about American football, can you believe it!?). I was disappointed in the Cardinals, I think they should've won. That 100-yard play at the end of the 2nd quarter was a fluke and shouldn't have happened. Man.
    Lol, you sayin you want me gone? jk. Umm, I got tickets to Cirque de Solei (this saturday with my mom :D), the dark knight movie, gift cards, sweaters, a new drumline hoodie (my mom made it lol), a digital camera. You?
    Yea I feel the same. Its been alright. Kinda uneventful. :/ I dont want to go back either though. So thank God its my last year lol :p Cant say the same for you. haha... jk.
    lol. awesome. I thought for a little bit that you might of quit the site but I found you again too. Hows your break been?
    Hey David is this you? I think so... Well this is Holly obviously and I started a new account over the break. Whats up :D?
    Hey man, just wanted to say Merry Christmas. Sadly I can't be active here much anymore due to internet problems with my parents again, so it will probably be a while before I can reply to the PM. But I am alive (hardly) and well, so I hope your holidays are going well, and to speak soon.
    Yea I kinda dissapeared from the forums for awhile, and started posting again over the summer. So, how have you been?
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