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  • The Batman game is pretty sick. Never heard of the Sunset game, but it sounds interesting I guess. Can't wait for Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Uncharted 4 to come out in the next few months.

    I got a Misdreavus but I'm sticking to Yamask. I also got the legendary Wurmple. Ugh. I also have a Vigoroth, and a Quilladin right now, so that's cool.
    Sorry I think I forgot to press enter, I thought I had replied.

    PS4 > Xbox 1 (sorry I have to), that's cool though. What games do you have for it?

    Lucky!! I haven't played since gym 2, because I've been with friends mainly for the past 2 days. I'm gonna continue today though
    I wouldn't mind a Zubat, been like 2 or 3 years since I last used Crobat. Throwback to our HG playthrough

    I really hope I get Pokemon you don't usually see much. That's why I was excited with Yamask. I want to get Pokemon like, I don't know, Croagunk or Seel or something random like that. Not too lucky so far though, but Yamask, Drifloon (even though it's way too high level) and Slakoth kind of fit imo
    Hm fair enough. I'm about to start my last year of high school (finally), and I have to choose what I want to study in the next month or so. In between medicine/chemistry/biology kind of area, or economics/business kind of area.

    Alright neither did I, but I wasn't sure. I've gotten some interesting Pokemon. Got a Hawlucha who is pretty OP, Marill has evolved and Slakoth is close to evolving. Also got Chespin and Yamask in my team, which is pretty cool I think.
    Damn, your team is looking pretty cool. I'm currently in Rustboro, about to go in the routes above it to get new Pokemon. I actually got a Drifloon that I was excited to use, but then it turns out it was level 40 something :/ I'm probably gonna get rid of Marill and Slakoth when I get better encounters. Marill is just boring, and Slakoth has that damn ability. Would you count Route 104 as two separate routes? It's the one above and below Petalburg Woods.

    How's that? Interesting, or not so much?
    I saw. I actually went ahead and started one too. I've been surprisingly into Pokemon recently, finished a whole AS in like one week, and been sort of playing Pokemon Ranger for the fun of it. I'm in the Petalburg Woods and am already done with my trades xD I got overleveled Pokemon, and then like a Slakoth and a Marill.

    What are you doing for work?
    Sorry I've been really absent. Just things in life are coming up right now. Haven't played much anyways, I've been in a very weird mood. Sorry bro
    Well done. Yes, Gastly was my third team member. Curse is crap, as is Lick, but it's all I got. I've been reading your XY progress - nice team. How's Sliggoo?
    Nope. I caught it now though, beat Falkner. It's useless against him as it has no moves to hit Pidgey/Pidgeotto that don't do damage to it.
    I didn't know you were using Rhyhorn. And Mr. Mime? Interesting choices, I look forward to seeing who your last team member is.

    Oh, and my first 2 members were Chikorita and Pidgey.
    Tyrunt is neutral to Water STAB though, so it'd still be a challenge. But Skiddo + Frogadier should handle it. Made any more progress? I'm starting HeartGold now because my guild is doing HGSS as a runthrough challenge thing. I'm about the challenge the Bellsprout Tower but need to catch my third team member first - any guesses for what it is?
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