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  • Hi there. I saw you were looking for a Wish Volbeat, I don't have one but I was just wondering if this is some really rare event, or at least an actual event and not a fanmade one. Because I've looked on Serebii and Bulbapedia and they have no data on it whatsoever. I have done some googling and have found people that have it, along with a Petal Dance Illumise. And haven't found anyone with it in Gen 6, everything has been old, back in 2009.

    Anyways I have gotten some stuff from your want list, I'll be commenting soon for more trades.
    My apologies I cant get to you sooner drybones! Ive been busy with many requests since I re-opened my tradeshop :3
    yep if i had something i would offer i don't but its no problem i wanted to complement on your collection ^_^
    I just want to say you have a really fine collection of events in your trade shop it must of took alot of time and trading to get that kudos you :3 sorry for being so random in this post i just wanted to say that was a very nice collection. I haven't meet anyone that had that much in awhile in events. I was just browsing in your shop btw just now XD I only have most of the events that are in the united states lol I have a very short list and most what they were were rngs back in the day unless its a x and y release or oras.
    I'm sorry, cloning took a little bit more time than I thougt.
    I am online now,just trade me,okay?
    Let me know what you want to do.

    Pokebank is going to end for me real soon. So before I start picking them up, let me know what natures you want. I also got a Gamestop Shiny Suicune for trade as well. I say it because for some reason your not trading yours. :p
    it means I agree with you. :)

    and "10char" means... well... when you post anything it has to be at least 10 characters in length. If it's not most people just put "10char" in and it ends up being 10 characters long.

    Nice to meet you, and awesome pics.
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