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  • Scizor
    248 HP/252 Atk/8 Spe
    Bulk and power.

    Three Choice users
    Jirachi has to, Milotic has to and Raikou has to. Please test it and tell what you think.

    I will do five extra test battles. I will edit this VM with the results when I am done.

    Current win-loss ratio
    I have only done 5 battles with the team and I won four of them. I think you should test it as well. Five battles is not enough to know if it is a good team, I think it is, but you should test it on Shoddy as well.
    I don't know o_o Hmm, I guess its because none of them like anime and/or Pokemon. Yet lots of Freshmen/Juniors/a few Seniors liked it xD Just about two-three Sophomores I knew of played Pokemon.

    People that play Pokemon > People that don't

    Also a proven fact :3

    *Looks at clock* 5:09 a.m....o_O Wow. I need to sleep...a little more and it will be an all nighter. Talk to you later, gonna try and sleep x3
    Hmm, ATM, I shook off my current stalker :p Crazy Otaku....

    1. I hope there won't be one of those at my school -_-
    2. I feel you there. When my crush ain't at school, its just not as good .-.
    3. Yay same classmates, I don't really care who I get this year, I didn't really speak to anyone in my grade. I was in 10th grade hanging out in the Gamer's Club during lunch with Freshmen. Now, I'll be a Junior and they shall be Sophomores. I still probably won't talk to anyone in my grade xD
    :3 I do that so often.

    Lol, I do the same.

    Ya, SuiSui, my Shiny Suicune. Kaitii is her mate. Kaitii is a female Shiny Umbreon, currently, she has an egg to tend too (Yes, two female Pokemon had an egg together, its magic), so Reitii is taking her place.

    Its interesting how someone with that name took that dare o_o
    :3 I win. No one can best me *ebil laugh* =0 Hey! Self-esteem!

    I think I'll lose against everyone xD During 90% of my battles, I am yelling at my game, "SuiSui*! Heart of the Cards! Heart of the Cards! Heart of the effin Cards!" Then its followed by either: YES! HA! WHOO! or DAMN! Stupid Heart of the Cards.... xD

    Girls are better stalkers :p Its a proven fact. *Nod nod*

    * Name can be any other on my team, however, its usually SuiSui or Reitii
    Lol, man power pales in comparisson to woman power 8)

    Pfft, gay guys are awesome, I can fangirl about any guy and they will either fanboy or say no and fanboy over someone else, its awesome =D

    Me, I ain't got self esteem xD You should see me during battles, the whole time I'm like 'I suck, Imma lose, I phail' xD

    Stalking is fun. Oh so fun.
    +10 coolness points for you.

    + Over 9000 for saying Bidoof it cute.

    +Chuck Norris for knowing about my secret part-mouseness.

    Its how I'm such a great stalker, mouse+cat+webbed feet= I'm gonna find you and climb up to your window xD
    o_o Guys read those? I stick to yaoi fics, mainly Is it good? I hear it is like really good.

    Each of those names is WTF, some where WTH xD You don't like Bidoof or something? Bidoof is the shizz 8)

    That won't be in the Hall of Lol, it needs something bigger, much bigger.
    Late reply due to reading fan fics x3

    I'm good. I was power abusing on xat earlier. I love doing that x3

    Lol, I saw xD I can't think of WTF names, so I'm just going with the first things that popped in my head xD

    Why bad? Then again...,first day of school... xD First day is always bad in some way shape or form :3
    I almost died. My brother and I were playing (This was maybe 8 yrs ago), and he wrapped me in a blanket so tight I couldn't breathe or move. He could hear my screaming, and I couldn't unroll myself. My vision started to get blurry and then my mom saved the day! I don't even know what we were playing xD

    When I rolled down the stairs, they were all lumpy stone stairs ;-;

    I'm now part cat, I'm not clumsy anymore xD
    Ya, he was hit 5 days after my dog, difference is, Yuki lived.

    o_o You were hit by a bike?
    Worst thing that happened to me was slipping on some stairs and rolling down xDx

    I'll stop by sometime, when I'm not on my Wii x3 I spend alot of time on the Resistance chat. Flame war started up and I staeted posting vids with the song 'Why Can't We Be Fiends' xD I was tempted to post that on Team Lumineon's thread xD

    Yay, he came back, intact! He came on the roof, so I had to play firegirl xD
    Ya, I read that. Read the one in Anarchy earlier too. Well, I'm in SeaSouls, so that was more my bussiness, but I like reading flame wars x3

    I think I'm sticking with my mixed tier team and mono team w/1 wildcard. I'm probably gonna make a full OU team eventually, but I like my Swellow too much to replace x3 But I need a team that will win wars/tournaments.

    Ya, he is an outdoor/indoor cat, but he has gotten so many injuries (Including hit by a car), I'm paranoid when he is out late -_-

    You sure I can go there? Apparently, when I go to chatboxes, everyone becomes my b****, I dunno how or why, but I somehow dominate others. Thats what I've been told xD
    Alright, staying awake due to cat not being home yet -_-

    How about you?

    Interesting little flame war that went on in Lumineon. (I like to read flame wars :3)
    Hey that's nice ^_^ but honestly I live in AbuDhabi but no one knows AbuDhabi that's why I wrote I'm from Dubai .. it's veru close from AbuDhabi =)

    hey that's cool so you're living in UAE

    I'm from here =)
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