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  • Just VM or PM next time... I'll be able to do it until Tuesday... I'm going on vacation for 1 1/2 weeks :/
    You're tutor told you to have atleast 2-5 battles a day so VM if you wanna battle... I've got a trainer too, so I'll be more of a challenge now!
    Just one last thing before I go to bed (I like teaching, what can I say) to inforce what you learnt last lesson, using what you learnt in our last lesson, you may want to look through some better RMTs and see how they have supported the main sweeper.

    Oh and as for the battling assignment thing, I think it would be best to just continue battling every now and again throughout your tutilage (not too intensely I don't want you to think that, just like maybe 2-5 times a day, just whenever you feel like some battling).
    Oh lead-Vire, haven't seen that personally, but I have heard of it. It was good you are not afraid to use Taunt (I know when I first started I wasn't sure how usful it was) however, in that case it might have been better to either set up Stealth Rock or just EQ straight away, as Electivire cannot set up entry hazards, so he is most likely to attack you, but Electivire isn't a common lead and you will find that the more unorthadox leads are the ones that are harder to predict, which is always something to be wary of. When you come across something you haven't seen, use your knowledge of that pokemon to prepare yourelf for what possible sets it could be.
    oh well (I take it that was a Swampert?) you can never really be sure what anyone will do I've Taunted 'Perts and it payed off, and I've f**ked up too, but that can only really be improved by battling, I can't teach that (to an extent, I can give pointers but every battler is different).

    Oh and btw I asked Salavoir if I can be a fully fledged tutor so I may be able to tutor you all the way through. =]
    That happens. I know it happens to me every now and again. I can see you are doing fairly well already, so your assignment for the next 2 days is really just to battle every now and again, to improve prediction skills and just get used to battling and get used to the way other battlers play and common sets used. But on the Monday (as I already said) just read over the guide again before our session so it is fresh in your mind.
    Ok, well you aren't online at the moment. But here is the things I shall make it my job to teach you:

    -Read Mag's Team Building Guide
    -Read Danbaru's EV Guide
    -Be familiar with common formulas*
    -[Optional]Read JRCxyz's post here as a supplement to Mag's Team Building Guide.<-only optional but team building is not something to skimp on.

    first I would like you to read Mag's team building guide (the link is in Salavoirs sig but here it is: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=9174069&postcount=14. Then we can discuss it and I will help bring you up to speed on anything you didn't fully get (don't worry if you don't stand it much, I didn't when I first read it so take your time and read it over again if you feel it nessicary.
    aw if you only had shoddy battle. I like it better obviously cause switching teams is more easily done. But i wish i had a wi fi team.. i keep editing my team so the ones i EV train become useless =[
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