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Last Activity:
Sep 19, 2019 at 12:45 AM
Sep 16, 2006
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DSDark was last seen:
Sep 19, 2019 at 12:45 AM
    1. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      Hey, I'll trade you a 5iv mudkip for the Drillbur
    2. Acherhar
      I'd be interested in trading my Ocean for your River pattern, thanks! Also, your inbox is full, so you're unable to receive PMs.
    3. Profesco
      DSDark, I'd like to mine your safari, if you don't mind. If possible, please add me back at 2723 9573 9029. I'm afraid all my safari has is Drowzee, Gothorita, and Wobbuffet. But I'd appreciate the favor. =P
    4. tomatohater
      Can you add me?

      My 3DS FC is: 0318-6477-1153
    5. Ver-mont
      Brilliant sig
    6. Ver-mont
      Thanks, man
    7. kemal07
      Ok I shall add them on :)
    8. Maxim
      How far away is that? It might be completely different universe.

      Probably far enough that the game will have no continuity with previous generations, no known timeline, no references.

      Also, the region seems not to be based on any Japanese region, the town looks awfully lot like New York. A non-Japanese region? Sorry, Pokemon is supposed to be Japanese. American "Pokemon" ought not to exist.

      From the information that we know, there is NOTHING in these games that would relate to the Pokemon canon.

      There's a slight chance that next CoroCoro or final game will prove me wrong. But for now, nothing points to that.

      Considering BW as the same canon to the Pokemon Series is a really, really far fetched. We shouldn't be so liberal in the definition of canon.
    9. Maxim
      No, it's confirmed that it doesn't connect to those regions in any way. There will be no ties, no references, no continuity to older regions. This means non-canon.
    10. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Thats it aha sendin a private message to.
    11. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      one more how do i get mod to ban someone
    12. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Nope Like me not.
    13. Cute Cyndaquil
    14. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      For what ah you don't know. but never known it.
    15. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      I said he is fake serebii1.
    16. aragornbird
      Hey I'm back!
    17. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Idiot why Did you Ban serebii1 he is real Serebii.
    18. Ash-kid
      No I just think Torterra is not suitable for Ash. Paul has one too, and his Torterra is his main pokemon, and his strongest. It's the main goal to defeat in this league.
      Think about it. If we was knowing Gary's Blastoise for a long time (Like Torterra here), and before the league Ash was getting a Blastoise too? (And also a Charizard) It was ruin all the league.
    19. Serebii1
      But this DP173 Evolution of Torterra is Right.
      Battlin vs volkner he got beacon Badge.
    20. Kecleoshrew
      generation III is no good
      i disagree :3
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