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  • I think I have the Safari Pokémon you asked for. I tried to confirm them with you via Discord. Don't know if you saw or not, though. Anyway, I'll accept anything you don't want in exchange.
    lol yeah adamant is a good nature for steelix it shows it potential and jolly does a good job for regular onix ;)
    I've finally finished breeding your first three Pokemon. I've also added your FC, so whenever you're ready, let me know. I recommend PMing me, as I'll get the email notice and log back on immediately.
    FC: 3780-9040-5315
    IGN: Alex

    By the way, I hope a Budew is fine by you. I have a high level Nuzleaf from the Safari Zone I had transferred, too. So, I figured I might as well breed in Extrasensory. Nearly done, by the way. I'll let you know once I am.
    Well, turns out I was wrong about the Alolan breeding mechanics. I can get either variation in a Safari Ball but, only the standard Grimer can be HA (I don't have an HA Grimer-A). So, which version and gender do you wish for?

    Edit: Never mind. I can get HA Alolan Grimers. I'll just trade you that.
    its fine no worries it my fault for not telling you >.> but no worries its all understandable now ;) also question though? why does your friend want careful nature? i mean onix has horrible sp.defense in the first place having it careful wouldn't make a difference >.> it would shine better with adamant the most...
    okie dokie just noticed it after awhile lol but anyway i try to remember next time lol also noticed you trade me breedjects minus the safari ball larvitar its 6iv thought they be correct spread for not using the credits but I let it slide this time because it was a miss communication but if you don't use your credits it has to be the right spread please. it was my fault for not saying that >.>
    Sorry. I edited my previous message after I initially posted it. I realized I forgot to tell you then. So, just read towards the bottom.
    hey I just remembered I never nickenamed your pokemon you asked for LOL do you mind I can do it another day and rename them for you?
    I've transferred all the requested Pokémon. I'm in the process of breeding now. I'll be breeding Roselia, Houndour, and Grimer first. I wish to trade those three, then continue my team. Once my team is done, I'll get to breeding the rest. I wasn't sure if you had an ability preference, so I'm just giving them their hidden abilities. I do have a question, though. Did you want the standard Grimer or Alolan? I think I understand the breeding mechanics regarding Alolan forms and, if I'm right, I can get you either. Not sure, though. As for what I want, I'm interested in the Love Ball Chansey and Stufful, as well as the Level Ball Cyndaquil. I'd prefer all to be male (except Chansey, of course).
    I know I have four of those Pokemon caught already (Roselia, Grimer, Trapinch, and Cacnea). I just need to transfer them. The others, unless they require a certain amount of days with specific items (like Trapinch did), I can probably capture quickly. By the way, while I know how to and can IV breed, I won't be doing so for your Pokemon. I'm trying to breed a team for the upcoming tournament and I wish to mainly focus on that. So, don't feel obligated to breed IVs for anything I ask for (which I still need to decide on).
    Hey, there. It's me, e6l... Why am I telling you this? It's not like you can't read. Anywho, were there any other Pokemon you were looking for while I get Roselia (assuming you don't get it from FW first)? Unfortunately, FW will have to get Skarmory (SS exclusive).
    should be one you get through trade xD Although if you ever do go back, I think roselias/budews are common enough in safari's if you wanna catch one in a safari ball ;P(personal want, i do't have older game access T_T) going online now though :)
    yeah it just I already breed the onix after I saw your message so once I do it and its done thats it but I am online now if you want to trade for the other three and keep a eye out for the skarmory if I do get it in stock :D I might transfer it later but atm i will not be able to go back to the older games for more since I need to breed alot of stuff still but I am thinking of doing friend ball for shiny form since its wings are green :p so I try to catch heavy ball in the lot later if I don't get it through trade...
    if well if I have to go catch and transfer the skarmory from my soul silver game then I have to charge for the hassle so it be either 1 credit and have the breedject have a item attached which would be either bottle cap,rare berry,pp up,or rare candy or just take two credits. its up to you but all three of the others are done buneary,onix which is adamant already breed it at the time you sent the message about going back so no go backs,and snivy is done as well. the only one will then be impossible is dream ball gligar since I don't have dream ball at all...
    already got a adamant one >.> I am mostly worried about the heavy ball skarm and I don't own dream ball gligar....I just got to finish buneary up and your order will be ready for at least 3 of what you did ask for ^_^
    alright I will do adamant and cool I got your snivy done just working on the other two atm which I don't have access to dream ball gligar so best go to zold for that one and I can get heavy ball but I would have to go back and transfer heavy ball over from ss game since I didn't clone my apricorn balls in sun and moon.
    quick question I noticed you asked for careful nature? normally admant or jolly would be the best competitively i mean I can do it but it be easier if I do adamant or jolly...which for steelix is adamant and onix is jolly and I do have steal rocks and heavy slam on it already was breeding adamant ones in oras before sun and moon came out...I am working on buneary now in dream but the other two will have to wait until I get them in my game...
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