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  • Hey man, just an fyi regarding your recent reffing, it's the challenger (movie z) who posts the sqaud first, after which the challenger (Star) does. Just a tip.
    It's ok. Jeri and I tend to keep an eye on the sigless thread anyway, just to keep everyone 'in line' so to speak. But ur comment wasn't wrong, it's very advisable to do what you have suggested.... And dont worry about posting in the thread, I'm not too sure myself whether any of the other LOs care too much, but I didn't want you to get in trouble just in case they did care.....
    Hey DTG,

    Might I suggest using the VM page to help out other newbies who make minor errors in the sigless squads? It makes it easier to read the sigless thread. Plus, people should ask the question in the general suggestions and inquiries thread, rather than in the sigless thread itself.
    Welcome to the ghost type lovers group DTG6407. By the way were holding a D/P/P tournament with a legit shiny Darkrai as first prize. You can check out the rules and post your FC in the tournament thread of the group.
    True that... I'm sure someone will come along eventually and ref (hopefully). If not, maybe I could repost the challenge?
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