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  • I still think GSC is overrated, but maybe the remakes will make more people realise how great Hoenn is. :)
    They will be update a lot with the remakes, the problem is: How would they be able to incorporate Rayquaza into the Magma/Aqua storyline while still following what happens in RS? While I would like Rayquaza to get a role (which it really didn't in RS), well...
    There's a kids' show called Hi5 here.

    They can add coral and shells to the ocean floor, and make Route 119 look even more like a rainforest.
    I love them :3 I'm seeing them next year.

    I do indeed. motchell_heebee@yahoo.com.au
    *hi fives back* They still have that kid's show here, btw.

    Hoenn = underrated, Johto = overrated, Kanto = meh, Sinnoh = well-rated.
    That Poke has a guaranteed place on my first White team. :)

    They can make Hoenn look so cool in the thankfully inevitable RS remakes.
    I don't know. Why would I know what you do with your PM's?

    Well, you reckon wrong either way.

    Whatever, let's just leave it at I know what I know, and you know what you know.
    Whatever you want to believe, man. Why would I randomly just try to screw with someone's mind? This may be the Internet, but not everybody is a sociopath =\
    Yes, yes you did. I don't know what kind of memory loss you suffer from, but I suggest you get it checked out =\ We talked about all this in PM a while ago.

    Oh great, add paranoia to your symptoms. Nobody's saying you're an alt.
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