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Recent content by Dude7

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    best and worst

    I found that Golem I've restarted before I joined this forum .. Before 2 months I think So I can't show you the picture
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    Your Elite Four experience?

    wow I have never lost in ALL of my e-4 attempts I usually end up with one pokemon left then I miraculasley win ... Although I don't train my pokemon that much
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    Wow never underestimate a Heracross

    Heracross is good But a Fire/Flying Pokemon pwns it
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    Can You Trade From GSC To LG ?

    the title says it all
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    Which shiny would you want?

    Shiny Gengar Is Always Awsome
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    Berry Glitch

    All Right I'll Explain I Have A Ruby Game Kart Which I Think That It Has The Well Known Berry Glitch I Also Have A Leaf Green Game Kart , A Link Cable And Two GBA's I Have Tried To Transfer The Berry Glitch Fix From Leaf Green To Ruby But I Can't For Some How ...
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    how far are you into the game?

    I've Beaten The E-4 20 times I Have 120 pokemon with out trading ... yet
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    Which fire move is better?

    I have to say : Flame Thrower It's Accurate and Efficant
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    LG Team

    Yes Adamant Is The Worst Nature For Any Of The Birds Since They're Special Attackers They Can't Breed Just Like Mewtwo
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    LG Team

    Okey Thanks For Your Help
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    LG Team

    Good I'll Breed Lapras For The Nature But Mew Two Can't Breed You Know Can't You Make A Move et For This Nature?
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    Berry Glitch

    up ...............
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    LG Team

    All Right I Got Bad Natures But I'll Breed For Those Later I'll Post The Move Sets And Items No EV Because I Knew About Those After The E-4 Venusaur(68)Relaxed Nature @ Miracle Seed Razor Leaf Sludge Bomb...
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    Berry Glitch

    Hey here It's Me .... About My Ruby I've Been Trying To Transfer The Glitch Fix But It Says Unable To Transfer The Fix And Nothing Happens
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    best and worst

    Best : Finding A Golem By Rock Smashing Worst : It Self Destructed