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  • Yeah we've pretty much been in hibernation until sumo. We only liked playing vgc since xy came out, and then even that sucked this year so praying for sumo to be more fun to some of us lol
    Requesting an IV bred pokemon.
    Pokemon: Spritzee
    IVs: 31/X/31/31/31/0
    Ability: Aroma Veil
    That's it. No egg moves or anything. Just tell me how many DDs it is and I'll tell Vader.
    Your team registration is late. You will lose one DD for each hour late, and one point for each day late. The tournament will be unable to start until you register your team.
    Something something we need to RBY battle something something I'm going to lose so hard something something I wont be on xat until I finish this essay something
    You skipped a rank. Pikachu is forever alone...
    Achievement unlocked! Congrats on being the first to have two achievements! Soon to be three when you trade me those Pokémon for the shelter. :p
    Screw the shelter. I'm taking some of those. I need a Mamoswine with SR and a Chespin (possibly a Misdreavus, as well). I'll pay 50 for the Mamoswine, 100 for the Chespin, and I'll just buy a Misdreavus from the shelter. You'll get 75 DD, plus what you'll get for donating.
    In case you didn't know, my Friend Safari has Delibird. Should help you out if you didn't know.
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