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Last Activity:
Nov 10, 2014
Jun 21, 2007
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duncan was last seen:
Nov 10, 2014
    1. pokeking325
      Hey man, it's been too long.
    2. chosen_one386
      XD You have a lot of catching up to do.

      Awesome. I might check in on that.
    3. Manaphyman
      Haha yup. Good for you bro, thats awesome!

      Yup, thank you. Happy belated birthday. :]
    4. Manaphyman
      eh not bad. My fic should be finished before sept. 2nd, because manaphyman is all grown up and going to college. :]

      Otherwise nothing. Just your normal summer stuff. What about you?
    5. chosen_one386
      Well, I'm in college now. Just started my freshman year. I finished Aftermath, and am now 22 chapters deep into its sequel, Shadow and Light. I also have another fanfic up based off of Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons.

      YouTube? What have you been doing there?
    6. Master of All
      Master of All
      oh thats sad
      you were so good too
    7. chosen_one386
      *pokes three million times* I haven't spoken to you in like a year. What is up?
    8. Master of All
      Master of All
      hey wat happened to the fic?
      Haven't seen you in a while
    9. Manaphyman
      Been a while man? How are you?
    10. Zadros
      Long time no chat. You still there? XD
    11. katiekitten
      MERRY CHRISTMAS, HUN! I'm really sorry this is so late, but I have your present? x333 It's been a long time coming - but I've finally got the means. Expect it tomorrow. <3!

      ...Nothing like getting gifts three days after christmas, neh? *shot*
    12. Zadros
      *poke* Have you forgotten to do something? =)
    13. chosen_one386
      Haven't spoken to you in a while. :) What's up?
    14. Zadros
      =O I'm not too fa off 4,000 views. It's a momentous number for some reason. I remember when DM got there, mid last year. I was #4000 XD
    15. Zadros
      That's a shame.

      XD Runescape? Well, I played it back in like 04~07... Just went and checked, my main is still in the hiscores XD Now this aspect of the conversation ends.
    16. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Thats why cheats like whosthedaddy exist ;)
    17. Zadros
      It was at the time. He's got the latest Mac Book Pro now.

      lol Ebay merchant? Reminds me of my old Runescape days. Sad, I know.
    18. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Gimmie RTSes I suck at and I'm a happy person. Or action adventures.
    19. Zadros
      Hah well I did trip over one guy's power cord, and that pulled his laptop onto the floor. Was fine though, no damage from the fall XD

      That's what you get for having one with like, 1gig or less RAM?
    20. Zadros
      To be honest, I don't know where it stems from, but it's fun at school to pay them out.
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