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  • Ironically that is what broke on my GBA too o_O then it wouldn't really play right, after that it just seemed to go to hell in a handbasket over the course of the year.
    I think a slave dungeon would only work if you made them play ET and other **** like that over and over.
    Sadly, the Eternal Night passed. So sunny now! :O

    Haha, also remember tomorrow is Manaphyman's b-day. I still find it funny you two are born around the same time. XD
    Said this already, but happy birthday! :D *gives pastries, then runs*
    I'm in to gaming and graphics though, so I don't think a netbook it for me. I'll start browsing to see what I want, then I'll get the money =)
    There was one yeah, purple much bettah. Still need GBA for the Cube though boo.

    If you never look at a Chansey the same way again mission complete.
    I agree with you on that one, GBA was okay but nothing amazing. Now I did really like the GBA SP, that thing was awesome. Saved me a bundle on batteries haha.
    GBA was made of fail tbh, mine just broke after like the first year, and then the screen died.

    Yet my GSC's afaik keep on chugging >_>
    Netbook? No way. My sister has one; too small. I like the big screen for gaming, plus her's doesn't have an inbuilt burner, or a CD/DVD drive.

    Have fun with it =)
    I keep seeing them, the recent birthday is causing a repopularity surge I think... But I started with a pink (ugh) GBC and Pokemon Red on Christmas day year they came out here. I love having one again as GBA sucks compared.

    Also check convo with Diddy...
    Yea, I have one of my dad's laptops, so I wanna get my own. Maybe after I get a job this summer, nice new one for uni =) And I think I might get a mobile sometime, they seem to be useful to other people...

    That's right, your birthday's coming up =) Best time of year don't you agree?
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