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  • Badly, actually. I have writer's block AND laziness. Deadly and poisonous combination.

    Sorry that I haven't read your legendary Blazing Dreams fics, too. They're just so damn long...
    Kekeke, my comprehensibility is infamous.

    Chapter 18 of Aftershock is very close to done. However, only now have I realized the scope is much bigger than I had thought. I need to go edit the first page...

    You've got, like, three pages to your visitor profile. In, like, two days. I'm not going to try and go see Mix's profile.
    Cool, I really need to get around and read that. As for me I'm going to enjoy writing my first chapter as I'm going to write it in First person and give alot on my main characters personality. Also I start work tomorrow... though with 7.20$ an hr I cant complain
    Oops, sorry!! lol, I kinda come back and I receive multiple new surprises!!

    lol, I gotta go for now, get ready for the play!!

    Byeas, and I will stay in touch!
    The PM for the Naruto fic? yeah but I've been ungodly busy, I havent even had time to read my current fics and or write the next chapter of my own =/ I'll get to it soon though
    DarkPersian479 is my new beta. :)

    Well, good luck on the next chapter of TEN! ^^
    DUNCAN! No, don't worry, still here! I'm going to move Semi-hippies! I know I've been slaking...HAHAHA!...in me reviews, but i'm trying to get around to it.

    Mime -Out!
    haha, true...
    nuns up, just soccer practice :/
    its a fckn nightmare to be honest, but whatever...
    whats good with you?
    Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry I've been so much of a slacker in my review duties - I'm just busy with all the crap a senior year of college brings to the table XD I'll catch up eventually, I swear I will! :)
    Hey, duncan! Yeah, I'm keeping myself busy with NE and studying midterms. (nods)

    Speaking of NE, it could be up tonight if what my beta said is true (he told me he'll be able to finish looking over it by tonight). XD
    Haha, I might need to now with such stiff competition. XD

    And of course you can't. Which explains why I'm almost out of characters right now. :)

    Well, nice job then. A little luck never hurts, no?
    You can never have too little deeaath. Also, the general convention is to reply to visitor messages in the poster's own CP. Following this:

    I was up before the change, and a few seconds after. I did what I could.
    Well, to start, you might want to invest in a Dynamicpunching Wooper. With a mustache. And a beret. And glasses.
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