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  • Maybe it's because of my ability to whip up religious debates!

    BTW, are you planning on getting an avatar soon? It's like talking to a member of Anonymous with you.
    Hey, I just noticed that in the past week I got over a thousand views. I'm getting pretty focking popular.
    Start relaxing your view on life, and begin a path of atonement. Simply becoming a hardcoar Christian isn't enough for you, buddy.
    You're just screwed up, using Christianity as a barrier to hide behind, to ease all the pain of your sinful previous life.
    Because I wanna know whether or not you should be having those opinions. When I was young I didn't hold a very strong opinion for or against most things because I felt as if they'd have more meaning as time moved on, and my actual opinion eventually did blossom as I matured.

    Also, stop being a crybaby about Jesus not being given enough attention at Christmas time. I'm sure Jesus himself doesn't mind, because he just wants to see humanity united in joy and happiness.
    Wanna know why you're having such a crappy week? It's Christmas, and you're unhappy that nobody gives a sh!t about Christ's own birth into the world.

    BTW, what age are you?
    Lol, Martin Luther created the very idea of Protestantism, yet apparently being a Lutheran doesn't make you a Proddy.

    God allows all this crap to happen, but no, you decide to avoid the subject of Satan after I complained and just refer to God's enemy as the Morning Star, Lucifer, despite Lucifer having very noble ambitions and finding God to be using humanity to create a heavenly kingdom where mankind is ruled forever, with Satan at His right hand side. Sure, it'd be comfortable, but it denies humanity's inner chaotic freedom.

    Am I not making any sense? Is it because I prefer to interpret Christianity in a more Hebrew light, where God = YHVH?
    There's only like two Christianities in the world - Catholic and Protestant. Nobody gives a fock about Orthodox Christians, anyways. If God's the reason why so much good crap happens to us, how come he forfeits responsibility of the bad crap to Satan? Mind you, I think Satan's just a placebo for God's own faults, because IIRC God made everyone "perfect" when they were born. Liar.

    Sweet NHG, this convo's making me more agnostic by the second. I think the Greek Pantheon makes more sense than Christianity, because that was more than just a religion.
    It's just a precaution. i might just be paranoid over the few forums that were against it. =P

    Nice. It's a pretty adequate name, after all.
    You can always take the initiative, if you feel up to it. Of course, check the rules cause some forums I've been to have outright banned Christian clubs/discussions/signature.

    I've never heard it as a location before. #themoreyouknow
    I might be wrong as well. But the few forums I've been to have had an obvious Christian club.

    It's all good. I was just checking to see if that was the case. oh well.=P
    It's not too uncommon, actually. You just gotta look for it. =/

    oic. That's a neat backstory. kinda disappointed that I was way off
    First of all: Welcome to the club. I hope your time there will benefit you spiritually.

    Secondly: Does your username derive from a character from Hotel Dusk, perhaps?
    I'm a Catholic, I don't like the term Christian because it denotes that I'm a dirty Protestant who thinks that God and Jesus are the ones controlling the entire focking world. I come from a (simply fabbo, I love being Catholic to bits) church of kiddie fiddlers, and you're telling me that I should believe that believe all that crap?

    .....Maybe I should, but not enough to post it in my sig. Not even my biff would put that in his sig, if the Troper had one.
    If you're a Christian and proud of it, copy and paste it in your sig.

    I don't see what's wrong with homosexuality, it's basically just two fellas getting it on like two normal heteros, and who the fock are we to object? Yous an unprivileged people if yous feel the need to object, bro.

    What's a strong shade of pink? Stop that redneck talk, I'm just a housewife.
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