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  • Yeah it is, almost all the regulars did it other than me , then someone asked for CT60 to be closed so it was fair
    I think my side is always have haze due to the wind direction at night.

    Haha I tried playing till 2.30am last night because that is the only time I can play more because of working in the weekdays during my attachment though this week I am having break from worl. Well...I am used to it haha.
    Murphy's Law is more or less an idiom.
    It basically implies that anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong, no matter what happens. Make sense?
    That's always a good thing. :)
    Ah, very sorry to hear. Hope your headache clears up soon! School will always be the biggest stress factor in life.
    Lol no due to haze? It gets worse at night.

    Yes you need to relax! Every working person needs it too! Burnout is no a good thing as I been through that for studies before. It was so bad that I forgot to attend 2 classes.
    I'm hoping they won't... to save me the stress of buying a Wii U.
    Yeah, it's sort of weird how that works... but it's Murphy's Law, heh.
    I love strategizing! It's in my personality I reign supreme when it comes to turn-based games.
    Well, I'm sure it's possible to study for exams and play Pokemon at the same time, right? I've researched how tough the school life can be in some oversea countries.
    I'm pretty sure main games would still continue on handhelds, even if those rumored games were to be released on Wii U. GameFreak has been breaking a lot of traditions lately, so it honestly wouldn't surprise me if they pulled something like that out of the bag.
    Heh, not bad. Luck is the factor, and some have it better than others.
    Competitiveness corrupts the mind, but I still have lots of fun with it even if that's the case!
    By the way they sound, they don't sound like side games. They may have some compatibility with X and Y.
    I'd be the most fortunate person on the planet if I got it after 15 eggs.
    Yeah, stats (to me) are more important than the shiny aspect. That's what turning into a competitive player does to you, haha.
    I just make everything from scratch. [Anyways, it's against the rules to be discussing this topic, so it's probably best if we drop it. :p]

    They're supposedly games on the Wii U. Gonna be unfortunate if that ends up being the case. There's no way I can afford a Wii U anytime soon.
    Those are still pretty incredible chances! I just may try shiny breeding again soon. Still want that golden Klefki...
    Yeah, especially if you want them to be flawless shinies. They've made the whole IV breeding a lot less complicated this generation, but regardless, patience is still required to an extent.
    Adding trash bytes is the most important step of properly genning.
    Yeah, since BW or BW2 were never available for download, the 3DS can't read it.

    The most irritating rumors of all is Pokemon Plus & Minus, which I personally think won't happen. I'm just guessing Z Version will be next and I'm leaving it at that.
    I tried shiny breeding at one point, and got tired of it about 100 eggs in. Dunno if the Shiny Charm affects breeding in any way, or if it's just wild Pokemon. If it does, I'm wondering if my odds of hatching a shiny are doubled since I also do the Masuda Method with foreign Ditto...
    Genned Pokemon can get around it, but not so sure about the whole Flash Cart deal.
    [If you ever need a 6 IV Ditto, I have 'em.]
    Burnt out as in I got tired/bored with it.
    Wish Game Freak would clear up all the rumor talk. It'd be nice if it were true, though.
    Yeah, I got lucky. It'll probably never happen again.
    You mean the entire game, or just the Pokemon from the Flash Cart?
    HG was actually the only game I ever collected all the Unown patterns in. I came close in the original G/S, but got burnt out at some point.
    Supposedly, tipping people helps the shiny encounter rate. The funny & ironic thing is; I actually found my first X/Y shiny right before I obtained my Shiny Charm. It wasn't a bad catch either! A HA Growlithe with Lonely nature, 31 IVs in Atk and Def. The rest of the IVs are good too. Sp. Atk is 28.
    Yeah, you're right about that.
    Why can you not transfer on your own?
    I have, thanks! In addition, I have all the Vivillon patterns, and have transferred all my Unown shapes. Even though I've obtained my Shiny Charm, it hasn't been helping very much.
    At least you can still have some leisure time playing games~

    Working has its perks hmm hmm!
    Well, it's okay. It just so happens Bank was released here in North America. Today is the day I finally complete my Pokedex. :)
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