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  • Hey Komaeda, has PokeBank released in your country yet? I read somewhere that it's out in certain Asian countries.
    Lol what the heck you changed your name XD

    I am working now so see ya Kiri!
    Some states here in the U.S. are like that as well, namely southern states. Where I live (in the northwest) there's lots of forest, mountains, rivers, streams, creeks, etc. Don't know if I've told you, but I live in the state of Oregon (it's right above California). About thunderstorms, yeah, we rarely get them. Maybe one every couple of years or so. We are right next to the Pacific Ring of Fire, however, which puts us at great risk for massive earthquakes. Other than that and a few floods we get here and there, we're disaster free.

    Yeah, I can only imagine. Someone in my family went to a college recently to major in nursing, and got kicked out because apparently, 89% isn't a high enough grade for them to keep you. It can't be any lower than 90%. However, this isn't the case for things that aren't in demand; only for the careers that are.
    I think it was either BW or BW2 that didn't have a waterfall. Well, I'd best not think of it, it'll only make me anxious.

    It rains a lot here, almost nonstop in the fall and winter, and we have really short days. This time of the year, sun doesn't come up until around 8, and it sets at 4:00, not leaving us with many daylight hours. Summer, however, is a different story. 4:30 AM to about 10 PM.

    Yeah, you have great odds. The economy is not only suffering here, but worldwide, so it's always good to study things high in demand.
    I heard Fairy evo for Eevee needs to have max affection.

    Kind of funny to see the start of the battles~
    You know, now that I think about it, I think Kalos is the first region since Kanto that doesn't require Waterfall to reach the Pokemon League. Or wait... did Unova? I could be wrong.

    Yeah, it does. And if you have ADD like me, it helps pretty significantly, but you must know what you're gonna write about beforehand. If it's impromptu, your mind will just wander.
    Good to know that I'm not alone.

    Computer Science is a good choice. Here in the states, it's in high demand, but not so sure about where you live. Computer Science is actually one of the things I contemplated on doing, because after all, I pretty much can't live without a computer (or an internet connection for that matter). I'd go insane.
    Hoenn and Sinnoh had too many HMs, it was overwhelming.

    I find writing to be a good stress reliever at times. It can get you deep in thought and forget all those stressers in life (at least temporarily).
    Well that's cool! If I ever attempted to draw anime, let's just say it would be rather laughable.

    You go to secondary school, right? Just curious, when you get to University, what do you plan on majoring in?
    I'll be honest; having a break from Flash was a nice change. And at least we didn't see the return of Defog (arguable the worst HM of all time).

    One-shots for anime and things of that nature? It's quite the opposite for me. I am good with creepypastas, whereas not so much with one-shots.
    Perhaps you're not giving yourself enough credit. I am sure you're not bad. And even if you're not an expert, well... practice makes perfect (as they say).

    What kind of things do you draw?
    Burp. Haha yeah. I guess 5th gen was fun and helps me quick trained my Pokemon~
    I don't want to let my efforts go to waste haha. I trained all the Pokemon in 5th gen you see.

    Woot 3rd gym here I come!
    Yeah, we didn't see much of Dive in 5th Gen, it was only to explore one area. Honestly, I thought Rock Climb (as an HM) would make a return in Kalos because of the Mountain region and all. That didn't happen. I think in all we only got 5 HMs, plus Rock Smash and Flash (which Flash isn't even usable anywhere, I don't think).

    Oh, a fellow writer! That's always nice to see. I actually wrote a creepypasta recently, but yet to post it publicly. I sent it to one of my friends to review, but they never got around to reviewing it, even though they said they would. They're just an oddball in that sense.
    Anyways, by doodle, do you mean you draw? Unfortunately for me, I'm not so talented at that.
    Psychic isn't immune to poison though. Lol didn't read your last post properly. It hasn't been changed since 1st gen. I think you are getting rusty in types haha.

    Lol I will ask them when they are online.

    I can't wait to port all the rest of my teams over to 6th gen~ But I am not porting all of them lol. I like to random battle where no one will dare to DC!
    It surprised me how much they utilized the HMs again. In BW and BW2, seems like they were only used very few times. Also, it's great to see that the Cutting trees make more sense. They're thorny, as opposed to a stick with two bush things on the end.

    Yeah. So what do you like to do in your free time? Or in other words, what are some of your hobbies? Other than video games, obviously, haha.
    Yeah, that sometimes happens.

    Be sure to explore thoroughly, there are some hidden areas I even missed the first time, namely some waterfalls.

    I'm just chilling out basically, here on the forums. Not much going on with my life atm.
    Hmm like Mr Mime and Ralts? Haha.

    I heard the Pokemon can remember their egg moves from the move tutor!

    I don't know lol. I asked someone about mine. I haven't reach the city/town for this!
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