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  • Yup! Keep going!

    Yeah. Now it is like Fairy types with only 2 weaknesses. Oh I just realised there is no move tutors that wants shards in this game., so there is definitely a third installment for this!

    I think my friend safari type is Ghost type.
    Agreed. The Chateau is much quicker to farm in. I only do the restaurants to pass time to allow more people to spawn in the Chateau.

    I see Nintendo (or maybe Sony) going with the holograms, and Microsoft doing a Google Glass approach for their systems. There's really nothing else I can think of in terms of gaming innovation. Then again, I never thought of Wii U's concept before that came out. Nintendo is usually slick with their innovation. I don't think they'll disappoint.
    Oh. I see. Ah Through Train scheme! I prefer direct admission to Poly though. I mean I don't learn much in secondary so it is better to learn which career you want and learn from it!

    Yeah Steel types no longer resistant to Dark and Ghost types. I checked it and yeah they changed the type resistance.

    BOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh well. I guess I am anonymous lol.
    The restaurants give great money prizes (in form of Balm Mushrooms, Big Nuggets etc.). I'd recommend battling in the three star restaurant. It's not terrible expensive, plus you gain the most battle experience and money profit than any of the other restaurants.

    Speaking of technological development, I'm very curious to see the successor to the 3DS. I know we're far from it (at least three years), but the curiosity remains. That is hopefully when we will get holograms.
    There's a full list of things to do to increase your style. It takes awhile, though.

    True, but there's always the possibility of them having a change of heart. Whether if any of us like it or not, the future is going to be basically nothing but DLC. I can almost assure you that 15 years from now, everything will be digital and physical copies of anything will cease to exist.
    I think dressing up in their clothes helps max out your style as well. I have a max style and it's pretty nice in the sense that everything is discounted and you have special privileges.

    Maybe they'll have a downloadable extension in the future that expands the size of the Maison, which would be cool. There's a whole ton of theories.
    so are you only trading jungle vivs to people on that list or are they available to us people who are late to the party as well?
    I don't know the specific name of it, but it's from the fancy boutique in Lumiose City. It's basically 600,000Y worth of clothes I'm wearing.

    Yeah, I'm hoping there will be a Frontier in the sequel to X and Y, just for variety sake.
    Oh. Actually what is the diff between O's and N's Level?

    Haha I am best doing breeding so I know my stuffs.

    Dark and Ghost types are super effective against it. I was appalled.
    The outfit I have on currently is my favorite outfit so far, and I don't think I see myself ever changing. I'm more or less buying every piece of clothing and accessory for completion purposes.

    I believe I have a streak of 12. It starts out so simple, then things take a complete turn out of nowhere.
    Bleh. Ok. Why? I don't make you feel bad~

    Oh. As for me who loves to breed, I must as well purchase it.

    Do you have type glitch for Honedge?
    As soon as I'm done buying all the clothes and whatnot, I won't know what to do with my money. What I really need to do is set up a team for the Battle Maison so I can purchase the rest of the TMs and Held Items.
    You know what? Maybe I can battle you in this game next time XD

    Haha once finish the story, it feels a little empty.

    Yeah I guess I will get all of those patterns too since I will be purchasing Pokebank.
    I've yet to use Prize Money power while battling Diantha, but I imagine it rounding up to about 60k, coupled with the Amulet Coin. I like how you can exceed 1,000,000. It doesn't feel like I'm wasting money anymore.
    Haha yeah. That takes effort woot!

    Nah I always play slow for the first time playing the game XD

    OK I am tired now so I head to bed. See ya Marisa!
    I just got it yesterday~

    Wow how you get them all? I thought only one type of Vivillon pattern per region right?
    Lol busy playing with super training and haven't challenge the 2nd gym leader yet. I like some moves being boosted. Oh yeah Sweet Scent is deadlier now~ Go Prankster Illumise
    I'm a Grand Duke at the Chateau. It took many battles to accomplish, but now I can send Black Writ challenges and challenge people such as E4 member and Diantha. The prize money you gain along with it is ridiculous. After beating Diantha (with an Amulet Coin attached to my lead Poke) I dshed out 30,000 yen.

    A lot of people seem to get stuck on that part of the quest. When you visit the allies, make sure you go all the way in so you get an overhead view. If memory serves right, Espurr is always hiding in a corner.
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