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  • Well, that's good. It'd be upsetting if the player was forced to start a new game.

    Have you completed the Battle Chateau? There's also the Looker Missions as well if you haven't done those.
    Meaning there's a lot of lag? Sounds pretty awful. I think I'll download that patch right now.

    Most likely.
    I've never spent this many hours on a Pokemon game in less than a month's span. If this keeps up, I might name this Gen my favorite generation of all time since Johto. I definitely give these games a 10/10. The story of them wasn't all that great, but the gameplay and graphics are just breathtaking.
    I still haven't downloaded that patch, what is the glitch, anyway? I haven't read into detail about it.

    I can see it being helpful on that front, especially with rares/legendaries. I wonder what (helpful) glitches X and Y will bring us, if any.
    Also, I have just realized that I have over 22,000 PokeMiles; enough to buy 110 Rare Candies. Not bad for only 207 hours of gameplay, I must say.
    What paranois me is the unknown opcodes. I really hate getting those, but I'm not paranoid in the sense that something will happen to my current Gen games. Technology is so advanced that we have nowhere near the glitches we used to have.
    I've never tried cloning, and it doesn't interest me all that much. That's just me, though.
    When I glitch, it's always on an emulator. Doing some of those glitches (like Super Glitch) on cartridge is nearly impossible and way too risky.

    The cloning glitch exists in multiple generations, does it not? I know it does in Johto and Hoenn, but I'm unsure of the others.
    I have. I'm a pretty seasoned glitcher, but even I learned a thing or two from watching his videos. Super Glitch is my personal favorite. I've gotten some funky outcomes from it.

    Ah, well that's no good, but it's to be expected on an 8-bit cartridge.
    And funny enough, most of them were really beneficial.

    I never paid much attention to glitches in G/S/C, but I think you're right. Glitches in that Gen, however, were a lot harder to pull off than in R/B/Y.
    Well, there was always the glitch method of getting Mew in the originals, which I always abused. It's just a shame Gen 2 and Gen 3 have no compatibility.
    Acknowledgement, and nothing more. For R/G, Japan got Mew, but that's the only instance I can think of where the reward was worth it.
    It's good enough for me. Anything is better than just a certificate, like in most other games.
    From what it's looking like, a Shiny Charm will be the reward for completing the National Dex, but it is of course still unknown at this point.
    True, so technically almost two months.

    Well, I did it. I completed my Kalos Pokedexes and received an Oval Charm. I couldn't be happier.
    Two months? If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't it be December? I'll be saddened if they pushed the release date back.
    Awesome! In the meantime though, I wouldn't worry about it. Bank still doesn't come out until a little while.
    Some of them were, I believe. Did they really not release them where you're at?
    Thanks! I'll definitely ask for your help if I need it. You seem like one of the most dependable and trustworthy people on here.
    Yeah, I rarely do event Pokemon that have to do with going to a Game store to download them. I don't have Arceus either. Even though it may be complete to the game, it's not actually complete by my standards. I always give 101%.
    Yeah, but it will be tricky. There are lots of event Pokemon I don't have such as Keldo, Meloetta, and Genesect. I should somehow manage, though.
    I was never motivated to complete the Pokedex in the past, but for some reason, I have a higher determination as of late. Hope I can stick it out until the end. I hate coming so far along on something, then putting it on a long hiatus.
    It takes a lot of time and dedication. I honestly wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for the PSS and GTS.
    My pleasure! Thanks to you, my Kalos Dexes are now filled up.. or at least I thought. Just realized I forgot Gliscor, ehe... I better get on that. After that though, they'll be 100% complete.
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