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  • Would you really help? It would be so much appreciated. I can definitely trade you Xerneas.
    Also, if you also don't mind me asking, which Legendary Bird do you have?
    It's going fabulous. Two more Pokemon until my standard Pokedexes are complete. I need Yveltal and Weavile (who I will be getting tonight). I need to find someone who will trade me an Yveltal, but then trade back. I just need one registered. As my National Dex stands, it's at 559. I'm really confident now, that I will complete the whole thing.
    I have B2 though. I am not sure whether White or Black are ok. Anyway I think you should update your 6th gen since there is version 1.1 now!

    Hey wanna exchange 3DS FC? Mine is 2878 9875 2043.
    Yeah! But sadly the glitch for Japanese games make Mold Breaker useless! So I don't use any Mold Breaker in my Jap game.

    If I versus an English game having Mold Breaker, it will work for the opponent against me but not me against him. But if versus a Jap game, it won't in both ways lol.
    Togekiss's re-typing probably made the most sense, aside Clefairy's.
    You can find them in Glittering Cave by using Rock Smash in that railroad section. Every fossil should be available, except the version exclusives which would only be Anorith and Lileep in your case.
    I technically have two Dragons; Tyrantrum and Charzard (when it mega evolves).
    Yeah, I guess GF didn't want to get carried away with the re-typings. At least Whimsicott is a Fairy now. I can confirm Lilligant isn't, though, for I have caught a Cottonee in the FS and evolved it.
    Say, you have Y version, right? Do you by chance have a spare Omanyte? It's the only remaining fossil I need. In return, I can give you Lileep or Anorith, which are exclusive to X.
    I've done that countless time while playing through the game. I would often forget Snubbull and Mr. Mime's new Fairy typing and try hitting them with a move like Dragon Claw... but to no avail.
    I have an Audino that I got over Wonder Trade, and was quite surprised to find out it wasn't re-typed to Fairy, or at least part Fairy.
    Ah, the mighty Froakie and its evolution Greninja with that crazy tongue scarf. I personally went ahead and chose Chespin. Chesnaught has a lot of weaknesses, but can sure pack a punch and take neutral physical attacks pretty well.
    Only one team boohoo. But whew I am glad I don't face so many of those kind of teams. Lv1 Arons are more common that Stall team.

    Bleh. That is the fun part of that! Though I only battle 8 times then I stopped. I really don't like to see my ratings drop too much. I think it is best to keep ratings hidden and only can be seen in PGL!
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