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Recent content by Durden

  1. Durden

    December 24th: PM2019 092 - Gangar Does Its Best! The Road to Kyodaimax!!

    How has Koyama survived all these years of utter mediocrity and not been removed yet?
  2. Durden

    A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle! (1166)

    Bruh are you trolling, the exact same animator who did the Bea fights did this fight, and he's one of the best animators working on the show. The animation in this was as fluid as this animators previous work usually is. Don't tell me you watch 240p on shitty streaming sites and that's what you...
  3. Durden

    A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle! (1166)

    Am i the only one who thought the subpar music ruined the fight? Many slow paced tracks which did not fit the high-paced visual action in the slightest. It was jarring at times and greatly contributed to there being no real hype or intensity to the fighting. It was the first time I thought they...
  4. Durden

    Conclusion! Incineroar VS Torracat!! (1086)

    Why did it take 140(ish) episodes for SM to deliver in the battle department? That's why this series ain't good overall. Literally the only other half decent battle is the AshvMisty and Kiawe vs Brock in SM43.... all the grand trials were trash with hideous animation and writing.
  5. Durden

    Pokémon Best Wishes Series 2 Episode N [FIRST POST]

    Thought this mid-animation shot looked quite spectacular. http://i.imgur.com/Np1Ji.png
  6. Durden

    Ash's ultimate team

    Just basing this on raw power combined with their battle record in the show, and I really do think these six are the obvious ones in that regard. Pikachu Charizard / Lizardon Infernape / Goukazaru Sceptile / Jukain Snorlax / Kabigon Swellow / Osubame
  7. Durden

    Who do you think will be at Pallet Town to greet Ash?

    No, but I would guess it'll be released in approx. 1 week since the VA list for DP190 was released today.
  8. Durden

    Masaaki Iwane Speculation Thread

    It was Iwane in DP183. He often key-animates in Kunihiko Natsume's episodes, mainly the big battles. In DP183 he did Heracros vs Korotok and then all the way through until the episode ended. For now, based on the small amounts of footage we've seen, I'm guessing he'll do Satoshi/Shinji P2...
  9. Durden

    DP 186: Ash vs Paul

    http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/7466/immn.jpg Summary of DP184-DP186. Unfortunately I can't make anything out :P
  10. Durden

    League Unleashed! (651)

    Like everyone else is saying... it sucks hard that the battle got shafted in favor of TR selling candy. Even the Heracross/Kricketune battle felt short. All scenes with Kouhei were really awesome though. Love that creepy/stalker personality of his XD
  11. Durden

    DP184 - Paul VS Barry

    I'm having a hard time looking forward to this because the animation looks so shitty. I know it's Shimura but god... all those stiff motions reminds me of Takeda more than anything else. And the way Shimura draws Shinji/Paul is friggin worse than Takeda. So hideous. Other than that I'm just...
  12. Durden

    Will the reserves get enough screentime in the league?

    Snorlax may have had many victories, but we haven't really seen much of it and I'm totally okay with it appearing here and possibly getting some wins. It got quite an unique battle style and an okay moveset (its ability to deliver Falcon Punches is what I look most forward to ;D). I'd love to...
  13. Durden

    DP183 - Sinnoh League Opening!!

    Subarashii~! Thanks for the translation, as always ;) Good thing the battles get going immediately as it decreases the chances of this league being rushed. I'm expecting some sort of classic Satoshi-thinking-outside-the-box-strategy being pulled off here. Mukuhawk will probably get the win...
  14. Durden

    DP183 - Sinnoh League Opening!!

    So it begins... I'm very excited for this ep since it's bound to have some amusing character interactions. It's a shame that there's a break after this one though. The waiting will be unbearable.
  15. Durden

    Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors Opening

    I thought it was hideous. It's just wayyyyyy to slow and doesn't rly fit with the animation. They would've needed to speed it up more. I also loathe how they continue to say the seasons' name in the openings since it sounds so corny. I plain out laughed at that part.