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Mar 15, 2017
Jan 29, 2009
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Mar 15, 2017
    1. Ambri
      XD Well, I was in Sixth Form, but it was pretty bad so I transferred onto a college course instead. There are lots of people in college though O_o

      The ones I'm trying to finish watching at the moment are Kuroshitsuji, Axis Powers Hetalia and Trigun. Also Pokemon Best Wishes XD but that one's pretty easy to follow since I just watch the newest episodes as they air.
    2. Skiyomi
      Well, if it's bad stuff in fanfiction then there's a pretty good chance that the original stuff would be bad too. And hey, everyone has to start somewhere. Of course... that doesn't mean I'm willing to sit through the bad stuff out there :P
    3. Ambri
      Yeah, I've been pretty busy with college and stuff. But thanks :D

      Same here |D I've got a huge pile of anime to watch and games to play too, so I've been trying to get through a couple of them.
    4. Skiyomi
      Yeah, I don't get people who say it doesn't help. I mean, practice is practice. And in some ways it's harder to write other people's characters then your own.
    5. Ambri
      Hey ^_^ I've been meaning to add you as a friend, but I keep forgetting to XD *has been doing it a lot lately* how are you?
    6. Skiyomi
      I used to not even bother with fanfiction. But it's really nice to get me working because I can show it to more people. My original writing I want to keep more under wraps... I can't very well sell something to publishers if it's available online.

      What really sucks is that I used to have discipline! Now I have to rebuild all that lovely discipline that I've lost.
    7. Skiyomi
      Yeah... I mean, sometimes it's good to write things out of sequence just so you don't forget... but I usually just take notes. I never seem to have all the context to just string bits together.

      Speaking of, I gotta write this week's A Little Opposition chapter. ARGH, where's the discipline that I used to have?

      Thanks ^^
    8. Skiyomi
      XD Well, at least you're keeping busy and being productive with you're time!

      Yeah, it's pretty neat what can come about that way. Certainly not things that you expect. I do a lot of planning, and planning's great. But ya gotta leave yourself some room to improvise.
    9. Skiyomi
      Sounds like you're pretty devoted to it!

      It's strange how that works out sometimes. You intend for something to be funny and then it turns out to be more dramatic and vice-versa. Happens to me a lot.
    10. Skiyomi
      Well, awesome! It must be nice to be appreciated for your contributions ^^

      XD That sounds cute and funny!
    11. Skiyomi
      That's perfectly alright! :) Congrats on that modship!

      What's the oneshot about?
    12. Skiyomi
      XD Probably not a bad guess!
    13. Skiyomi
      I wonder how many of mine will end up being Xellos/Filia related.

      ...TOO MANY that's for sure.
    14. Skiyomi
      Alrighty! I'll start making a list in preparation~
    15. Skiyomi
      XD I should start thinking of some too!
    16. Skiyomi
      Yeah. I just checked his profile and he's still around.
    17. Skiyomi

      I always liked that thread so I'd definitely like to see it remade. If you're interested in having it remade, it'd be a good idea to PM Sonic Boom to see if he's interested in restarting it or if he wouldn't mind if you did.
    18. Skiyomi
      Ooh, okay. I see now.

      Owch. I bet not.
    19. Skiyomi
      Hmm? I'm pretty sure they are rodents. *checks* At least that's what wikipedia says.

      Ooh. Hedgehogs are cute too.
    20. Skiyomi
      My sister had a Guinea Pig but she had to give him to a friend when she left for college. They live a lot longer.

      Awww! Poor thing!
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