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Recent content by Dust_monster

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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 8 The Circus Passing through Ilix Forest was a breeze, quick and uneventful, after the run-in with Thaddeus. Throughout most of the next day, Jack, Charlotte and Bree strolled along the long winding road of Route 34. The sky was overcast; light gray clouds...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 7 Battle at Ilix Forest “Hey! You!” Jack burst out of the undergrowth and stopped short at the edge of a wide, well-lit glade in the middle of Ilix Forest. The trees that surrounded them were hulking sentinels, with wide trunks and expansive, green canopies...
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    The Fan Fiction Rules - Read Me~

    Hey there! Got a question regarding links in stories. In future chapters of my fic, I was intending to link to youtube videos where "background music" could play, like say, during a Pokemon battle. Said link would just be there in the middle of the chapter (when it's intended to be played as...
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    Favorite Johto City?

    Must've spent hours on end exploring Goldenrod in the originals. But I love Ecruteak, too: the mystique of the place, a Ghost-type Gym, the theater of Eeveelution trainers. It's a tie for me.
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    Things That Make You Happy!

    The announcement of Pokemon Go made me very happy :) (Now if only it would live up to the hype.)
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    Favorite D/P/Pt Starter

    Torterra is a walking forest! Turtwig wins it for me.
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    Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

    Aegislash's King's Shield has saved me more times than I can count. The sword-and-shield kind of motif won me.
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 6 Heights Bree and Jack were seated around the edge of the Slowpoke Well, a small cavern filled with the usual dark-loving Pokemon and fenced in by a ring of stone. After healing their Pokemon in the Pokemon Center, they decided to grab some lunch first before...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 5 Reunion The sheep-Pokemon Mareep growled, and Chester shrank away, shuddering. “Don’t let her get to you, Chester!” Jack said, encouragingly. “You can take her. Come on, use Tackle!” “Chikorita!” Chester and the wild Mareep spent a few minutes trading blows. It...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 4 Sprout Tower “A challenge against Seneca, eh?” the young man in front of Jack sneered. He took a puff of his cigarette and blew it gently into Jack’s face. Jack tried not to cough, though his eyes were watering. “Think you can take her?” “My Pokemon and I can,”...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals’ Road Chapter 3 The Cave “Professor, these guys were really not very friendly,” Jack said, speaking with a bit of fluster into his PokeGear, where Professor Cedar was calmly listening on the other end. “And honestly, they’re probably from the same gang that that Thaddeus is...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals' Road Chapter 2 The Men in Grey As Jack traversed down the dirt path that cut through Route 29 around the hills and brush, he had a few things going through his head: One was that he should have had breakfast first. The second was that he probably should have brought a bike...
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    The Radicals' Road

    The Radicals' Road Chapter 1 The Stranger “Why are we doing this again?” Jack asked, struggling under the weight of the girl standing on his shoulders. Her sneakers were getting dirt all over his shirt as she fought to stay balanced, her fingers gripping the windowsill precariously. It was a...
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    The Radicals' Road

    Hello. I'm new here, and this is going to be a beginner's effort in fan fiction. Set in the Johto Region but featuring completely original characters, this is going to be a comedy/adventure of sorts, and like a lot of good stories, these heroes start small before perhaps growing to become a...