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  • Okay, not by noon. My brother got in major trouble at school so my whole family has been in a tizzy and I have a party in a little so I may have it done today, but not soon.
    Normally I wouldn't rule someone out before a week had passed.
    - I'm thinking I'm going to need to restart 'Life' because it doesn't look like it's going to recover from the server failure.
    It was going a bit slowly. The good new is I'm finally caught up on the show (Along with Gotham and almost caught up on The Flash.) and have it started. If it ain't up by midnight, it'll probably be up by noon tomorrow (Eastern Standard Time). Billy Mays had...humility. Wouldn't be that hard to change over and at least this way VampirateMace can use both of her(? I think VM is a girl, but they might be a guy) characters and there would be no need for another new character to be made. Sure, I'll take the spot.
    Okay thanks.

    I'll try to write a sign-up but it's not looking good for me join the RPG you might want to try to find someone else.
    Oh ya know the usual going to school, making friend, enjoying life, being forced into another world, evils shadows creatures constantly attack you, people to protect, mysteries to solve... the usual. I have been planning this for a long time, but only recently got the nerves to actually post it.
    I did but long 17-18 years ago other than Spike the dragon nothing is really ringing a bell. I like (as I remember as a kid) the show but at time went by I replaced the show with pokemon >_>;

    It look good to me, though I feel it gear towards MLP: Friendship... something fans which I am not. I just never had an interest to watch it though a lot people is very good.
    ........ I don't think I can do it... I might be able to get down personality and appearance, but there no way I'll be able to write history without doing much research on MLP..... can I make an amnesiac pony that know nothing about the world and I can just rp as myself?
    Well, I don't know much about My Little Pony other than what I've watched when I was little girl (not the new one that so popular) but I'll give it a look. No promises though.
    Well, if he is, then I can't really help too much with the storyline. It's mostly up to him and I'm not too sure about what happened since the last RP.

    But if he's having a lot of trouble trying to come up with ideas, he might want to reconsider. But whatever he decides to do, I'll try my best to work with it as far as the villains go.
    Well, you brought up a good point though, wouldn't make sense for Slade to train Shade if Shade treated him like crap. Slade's not stupid. Plus... yeah, the characters would be so much older now.

    I guess it's up to Bron since it's his RP, but after thinking about it, I honestly feel a new Teen Titans would not only be easier to work with, but Bron wouldn't have to try and continue from where the last one left off, figure out a new storyline to add on, and somehow have it make sense for new people to get into without getting confused.
    Can't say I'd be too much help with this. You'd have to talk to Bron about it, I'm not sure what he has in mind regarding a storyline. But yeah, I honestly feel just a fresh new Titans RP would be the way to go, because the characters would be very different as adults than how they were as teens. Plus yeah, Slade would be 60-ish years old and definitely not in the kind of fighting shape he used to be.
    Yeah, I'm not too sure how Bron plans on handling the jump in time. I honestly think just hosting a totally brand new Teen Titans RP would be better, one that doesn't have any continuity relation to the first one. Trying to figure out how each character has aged and how it would affect their personality is going to be tricky, especially with all the canon villains there are.
    Slade would see Shade as an apprentice. He could feel she's the only one who's worth taking his place. But yeah, Shade wouldn't start off as the mob boss this time. That would be handled by Slade, at least for the beginning.
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