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  • nah, if I join a pony rpg, I probably want to join in as a changeling, maybe a griffon pending the scenario. Not too much of being a zebra or thestral though. Thanks for asking if I was interested though.
    *Nod* I figured a lot of them had jobs just like everyone else, teachers and farmers and such. I just thought it would be fun to add the special ability in with what I already had in mind for a bat-winged pony.
    It more had to do with her special ability, using her ability to see magnetic/electrical fields to study weather (both natural and pony made), but she isn't making weather herself. Hopefully that works okay.
    I would probably have gone the Nightmare route rather then Thestral... but it's a good match. Is it reasonable to assume that outside of towns, weather has natural patterns (as well as though influenced by creatures like dragons) rather than solely relying on Peguses & Unicorns?
    Eh...yeah, I understand that. I've been working at it. I was going to work on a post for Justice League, but I wanted to put the profile up first before the slot I wanted was filled.

    As for the image, I did not draw it but yes I did commission for it, so I have permission to use it. It was drawn by a friend of mine on another site.
    I'm alright.

    For a Pokemon site, there is a lack of Pokemon RPs on here. :/ But I don't have any ideas for RPs...
    Hey, saw your post in the RP Wishes thread. Did you want to try starting the Titans sequel with Bron? I'm up for that if you'd want to give that a shot.
    Yeah, the journals' author! If they really reveal that... I know your anxious for updates, but when we get teamed-up it's always a waiting game, besides some of the players are trying to recover/reconstruct posts as they mentioned in Discussion.
    Ooh, I have kinda completely forgotten about that RP..
    I'll see if I can whip something up tonight or tomorrow
    Oh, oh! Mysterious. Do we have an episode name? (And thanks reminding me I haven't updated the schedule in the club.)
    I assume you mean DC Heroes... that's a little hard, because I posted just before you, so neither of my partners have posted yet.
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