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  • Hey DVB, I was gonna send you to a role play, but i saw you already signed up for it. lol. you like role-playing? (i do.)
    Torchic is a grassland pokemon not likely to be found in a forest. I can make one show up somewhere but it's location isn't know.
    Sure, in specific areas the Dream mist can appear and disappear. but again the region will be decided later. My vote wont be Unova but if we do get it you can help with the planning.
    Well there would be a lot of people in different areas so it wouldnt make much since to me. Also I meant the Dangerous Pokemon World one.
    Well I haven't played black and white and I don't quite get it, also it hasn't showed up in the anime much either so I cna't use it a a reference. Also I think it would be weird for some people to be in the dream world while others not. Also just PM me when you refine your plot ideas.
    As said in the post each GM would have a character for a group of four people. Kinda like me with my current RP. You would give your players advice/pointers on their posts and put up events for their characters
    Well I meant it wouldn't be easier for starters, which is who it is for. I want it to be nice and simple but still fun. What so great about Unova anyway?
    I'm doing great thanks. I liked these ideas:
    1-Team Sora (japanese for sky)- sky pirates with air ships who wish to capture the Green orb and use Rayquaza's power
    3-Neo Team Rocket- Team Rocket reborn; wish to capture Deoxys to use its power to infect all pokemon to put them under control.
    But since I do like both I was thinking they could be devisions of team Rocket that we encounter in the apropriate areas, also with some encounters with normal Team Rocket people every now and the. Pm me what you think.
    On another note when you said "sign me up" did that mean as a GM or charachter when it starts?
    New Earth looks pretty abandoned to me, but we seem to be carrying on pretty well anyway as it's pretty freeform. Plus, I'd like to resolve Rosetta's story properly (I basically know exactly what's going to happen to her). The main issue for me is that if they go to Mount Silver, I'd have to think of a really elaborate excuse for Cross the Plusle to find her way there (there's a big reason why I left her alive).
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