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    I'm majorly lost and behind in WAWC, and with only one post in I'm not sure if I could even make a comeback there unless you think I need to. As for Persona, I'm waiting to see if Wordy will post something that they asked me about first, but I'll likely have a post in later today regardless.
    I really want to keep his colour scheme a sort of creamy brown colour. D:: So... what do you think I should do?

    He IS Normal type, so I can't go and give him dynamic colours. I'm currently working on a sort of close-up sprite showing more detail, and I'll need some ideas before I carry on with it.

    And I've decided to keep going with your Pokemon. I'll give it some more tries. :3
    It's not the design that's the problem. ^^; I'm having trouble getting the shapes and detail right on MS Paint. Since a sprite is really small, detail would be really hard to do.

    Uhm, is it okay if I didn't join the forum? I tend to not be active in other places outside of Dragon-tear, Serebii, and DeviantART, so I dunno if I'd wind up sticking around for long... D:
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