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  • I saw them! I don't have any interest in/ knowledge of DBZ and I'm terrible with understanding anything historical/ steampunky, but best of luck recruiting players.
    Oh, well a lot of things I suppose. xD Finished my second-last semester of university last week, moved into a new apartment, and I'm going to New York for the weekend. Flying back just in time to start a new job on Monday (at the airport, ironically). So yeah, kind of busy, but I love it. ^^ Yourself?
    Yea but I figure it's pretty close. I could just say oriental area and that should be acceptable. And that dog isn't really a dog per se, since he walks upright and all.
    Okay, the second part sounds good. Gonna have her from Japan, raised by humans. I'll start on the form if you get a second person interested who isn't one of our usual buds, since I'm not sure how popular the RP will be.
    That wouldn't really make for two paragraphs though. Any ideas? Of course I am planning to make a version of her with her green hair in all it's glory, but I'm not sure the name would fit.

    So do you play the game or not?
    Hey man do you happen to play DBZXE? I preordered the PC version and looking for people to play with. I'm in the mid 60s and plan to use my character image in the RP if it takes off.

    Also having issues coming up with a history or name for a pure Saiyan since the Future Warrior has no history to them because they're completely created from imagination of the player.
    The bro is good, yeah. I just don't know anyone on here anymore, really. Almost everyone I used to talk to no longer is here.
    It really seems like it's just "alchemy happens". Like, how do people get it to work? Random potion things? Fingersnapping?
    Been a bit busy. Awkwardly getting used to a new school term.

    I might get a profile up, but the setting's still a bit vagueish, mostly in regards to the alchemy.
    It's okay as long as everyone stays civil (which if they don't I'll stop responding to their PMs, problem solved - another forum).

    I don't think you should give up yet, I'll try to get my sign-up done in the next few days, and that may encourage others. Sometimes things slip out of people's priority list when no one else is posting.

    Yeah, I poked Charm, if she's out, I'll post and we can continue just the three of us like before, but I hope she's still in.
    I'm reading through the update Alchemy thread while working on my SU - I noticed a typo; you have Pluton instead of Pluto.
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