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  • That's just a character name. I'll get rid of it; sorry. I didn't notice your question, actually. He'll be fighting as one would expect from a skilled, fired Marine.
    DVB, can you do me a favor? If Nate gets on Skype while I'm at school, tell me via Serebii please? I nearly failed my exam from a panic attack.
    Busy, busy for the most part. Next year is supposed to be my hardest year though according to my upperclassmen, so I guess I haven't reached the peak yet. I'm doing well, about to make a character for Falling Stars I think
    I'm doing well, I'm going to sign up for a few RPG's, but only to sign for over the summer most likely, which I'll make clear with the GM's. That way they can accept me or not knowing I won't be able to stay for an incredible amount of time.
    Yeah; I initially was wondering whether or not I could get you to let my character breathe fire and lightning, but I'm just fine with him using plasma instead...

    So, is my sign up accepted?
    Hey DVB, I got an idea for an RPG… Shamans & Exorcists VS. Zombies. Basically get a team of spiritualists fighting off zombies created by a powerful necromancer. What do you think?
    Yeah, we already set that up in current Journal... for ver 2, well, my orginal plan was not to let any characters that didn't have a real thirst for revenge, in other words, already corrupt, but not able to act on it very well until the journal comes along.
    I was going to, but I couldn't put a finger on a good character. Which is why I cancelled my reservation awhile ago.
    Sadly no changes. I've been unable to do much online lately and need to do what she wants. Sorry that I'm keeping people back.
    I won't only keep it secret, I encourage you to make your own version of Echo. Use as much of it as you'd like and post it here, I'm sure peeps will be interested and have a good time. Again, that VM was something written out of anger. But I'm only human right?

    Now get out of my profile you rascal. Lol.
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