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  • Uh. . . I'm not really sure. Just because I love alchemy and clockwork and alternate history doesn't mean I know who else on here does.
    I'm not sure what I'm going to do for my char yet. . . I love the idea of the RPG, but I don't have a solid character concept, and my history buffing tends to be eras before and after the one in question (so I think I'll need to do a little reading).
    It just seemed like you could get some interesting variance characters that way (they wouldn't have to be Chinese), but it makes sense if you want to discourage it as well. - I'm still not sure what sort of character to make. . . are we going to be concerned with the gender norms of the time? (I'm guessing not since you posted 'wrench wenches')
    Cool. The first two oranges are a little hard to tell apart (when matching small swatches to the larger areas, if that makes sense), and some labels on the map itself wouldn't be amiss, but it give a much clearer picture of setting. Are you going to allow people to be from outside the areas shown (for example the Chinese made some excellent clockwork, so a traveling tinker from the southeast, who happens to be in the area where the RPG starts, would make sense)?
    Seriously, there's no point in you editing, everyone else has been letting their char know stuff before it makes sense as well. I'm alright, didn't get as much done today as I expected, but I kind of get lured into watching horror movies easily.
    Dude, the whole idea was that they didn't know there were seven objects, or that they had powers based on the seven sins, we all had the benefit of having read the plot. I'm not saying Diego wouldn't have figured it out, he just seemed to figure it out before collecting any evidence. No, you don't need to edit your post, I'll see if Bron plans to post soon.
    Uh, it was to wait for Bron to post. . . but, seriously, the whole thing went off my plans as you guys kept alluding to the seven objects must equal the seven sins, the coven wasn't supposed to know it. Right now I'd just like for them to sit down on the grass and have a discussion about what to do next. And remember, the objects are supposed to be slowly corrupting them.
    Kind of obligatory with noir, but not hardcore. It looks like being around the twins is slowly turning Pacifica into a better person.
    That's probably true, but it doesn't mean he can't date. Not saying he'll find forever love with someone from GFalls, but a lot of people date lower/higher then their IQ/maturity level.

    It looked like it must be a ghost, and I guess I wouldn't be surprised if he has to do something embarrassing. Hopefully the fact that she called him in will keep her from telling anyone if he has to embarrass himself. (But remember I don't want too many spoilers.)
    Her being desperate enough to ask his help, makes a lot more sense then shipping. So, hopefully noir doesn't mean they think she's now a date candidate. I'm all for him going after someone his age, but not Pacifica please. The backwards message wasn't anything new or exciting; 'Monday Feb 16, at 8:30, so long for now'. Bill's the politest villain ever.
    New Gravity Fall is coming! What are Dipper and Pacifica doing together? Got to see if I can get the trailer audio to play backwards.
    Does this include the main characters as well? Even the ones who have seen the metal ponies? I edited my post, but you need to be more clear on that...
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