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  • You seen the new episode yet? I noticed something funny in the cemetery (admittedly I was kind of looking for it, but not expecting it, and it was actually there).

    I don't really see any reason for the order of the past few episodes to matter. They don't seem to be part of the big arc, outside of the small costume/personality changes (the continuity in G-Falls is fantastic).
    Yeah... I have trouble keeping my own calendar straight. But I suppose they could be messing with us.

    Happy almost Thanksgiving. Thanks for the hug!
    But out of date calendars would not be unheard of in Gravity Falls... technically doesn't Game take place after and before the rest of the series as well? It might be a special circumstance.

    Doing alright. Had a long day, I accidently reset my alarm clock to summer time and got up an hour early. Got lots of people coming out, and I may end up being the main cook this year, so it might be pretty busy for me.
    I won't get to see it until at least tomorrow... but I haven't herd such a rumor, but I don't know that anything really changes if Game happened before Opera, or why they wouldn't have played them in order. Don't know on the other two, since Love God hasn't played yet outside of internet previewing.

    Finally got Cartoon Network back, and they played all the new Steven Universe episodes, so I was able to get caught up on those.
    I don't really mind you using an ability line I wrote, I just think you ought to change the name on it. And maybe remove 'the native way' if that's not relevant.
    Axotoals are salamanders.

    I'd rather wait and find out when the episode plays. It's just way more fun (in my opinion), that way. I'm not surprised that a letter from Gideon would be creepy. XD
    Yeah, we all kind of already knew he was tiny bit unhinged. He posts pictured of salamanders whenever he doesn't feel like answering a question. I think that was him messing with people though.

    Was there a new trailer? I don't really watch Disney outside of G-Falls.
    Suppose vampire works for Gideon too... though gargoyle for Stan's a bit surprising. Poor Soos, I knew he'd get stuck with something sucky. I'm still trying to think what'd be better for Wendy...
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