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  • Hmm. Sounds weird, of course, Gravity Falls is weird to start with, so, not a real surprise that an alternate universe for it is weird. I get the supernatural choices for Mabel and Stan... but the ones for Dipper and Wendy?
    Apparently I don't speak fangirl/boy well. I had to look AU up. So, I still have very little idea what you're talking about... as I clearly haven't read that fanfic.
    Maybe they're saving any potential flashback for the final episodes. You know, flashbacks are only really used when they're needed for plot. Just throwing them in because they'd be cool, is frowned upon in the film and animation industry.

    Do you think there was any foreshadowing with all the mentioning of Mermando lately? Like maybe he'll return to Gravity Falls to get away from his bride?
    ...it seems kind of obvious to me that the two are connected. But seriously, I like the content of the new episodes to be a surprise (beyond the guide description and trailers), that's part of the fun.

    Yeah, it's cool to have more chars getting screen-time. Yeah, hopefully we'll get some flashbacks.
    Dude, stop posting spoilers on my VMs. I didn't want to know Robbie was the 'face of death' from the trailer, before seeing it.

    I don't know. I guess Wendy could get jealous if another girl was getting Dip's attention. But I'd hope she'd be closer to Dipper's age. It wouldn't exactly be romantic jealousy, just my work-BFF isn't hanging with me anymore.
    It could happen, it's perfectly teenager to have flip-flopping relationships. But if Mabel is in control of the potion, that doesn't seem too likely. Of course, now there's the slob cupid guy in the trailer... Why must we wait until the 26th?
    Pretty good. We'll probably have a bunch of family out for thanksgiving.


    Hey, you might want to edit your Shadow post so that it goes up to lunch, Bron and I can/will still reply to the History class comments, but Crash went onto Lunch and I don't want us to end up all over the place timeline wise.
    Becky is an evil manipulator that needs to be tortured. Her agility us nothing compared to Karai, and she's just jealous. Not sure what's there to steal that you'd want, really.
    I kind of imagine that means Mabel is doling out portions of love potion to the teens, and Dipper is telling her it's wrong, while fantasizing he can have Wendy. And even if he does get her briefly, it's not going to last. But, yeah, maybe when they're older and matured to the point that their age difference doesn't seem so big, it could work.

    Soos! Did you like the last episode? I thought it was pretty good.
    Pokecommunity. Will he be there also? Dude that's like the only place he will RP anymore. And post anything at all probably. Cross seems really dead.

    I gotta get my Shadow post up soon.
    We're going to do a rerun of Titans 1 on PC, then Titans 2 also on PC. Would love to have you. Wouldn't be the same without you dude. I'll let you know when it's up. We're doing Sonic there first
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