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  • Oh, I see. You're both contacting each other! Try and set up a specific time and day if you can if you havent still gotten that.
    PM sent. I'll let you know the nicknames when I come up with them. I'm gonna have my fiancee help me with that since she is really creative like that.
    I will send you a pm which ones are timid versus modest. I need to come up with some nicknames still but that will come later
    That is totally fine I'm not gonna be picky about it on such a big request. I really appreciate it. Just let me know what you would like in return and I can get started right away :)
    Actually if you don't mind adding ho oh I could maybe see if the other guy has a copy of soul silver that could get me latios instead of what I originally requested
    Oops my apologies >.<. In that case yea latias is good and latios will be my unicorn
    Oh yea I forgot I need to choose nicknames so I'll have to think about that. I'll let u know which ones are timid vs modest. It's 10 characters for gen 4 right?
    Hmmm well in that case....latias, latios, raikou, suicune, zapdos, articuno, moltres, kyogre, mewtwo, lugia. I think I will see if the other dude will switch to ho oh for me since he has to beat the game again and that will complete the set.

    I expect to earn this trade so just let me know what you want and I will get on it. If you really like rare candies I can redeem my pokebank 40000 pokemiles and spend some of that on rare candies but otherwise I think I have like 8 already just from beating the game.
    Oh yea so how many are you willing to do? Then I can pick them out. One person is doing mewtwo for me and you already did entei rayquaza and groudon for me in moonballs . The rare candy sounds great and if you need more I have lots of pokemiles I can still redeem
    If it's a hassle timid all 31 is fine or if you can mix and match some might be better modest if your SID allows. Just need the shiny in moonball with good ivs. I really like moonballs I'm always working on my moonball collection and decided to include legendaries as well. I have all the females from gen 4 in moonballs I just need the legendaries now. Now just gotta work mostly on gen 7 moonballs lmao. I proposed to my fiancée under a blood moon eclipse so we both really like lunar related stuff.
    Cool I can definitely help you with dex entries for gen 7. If you want gen 7 HA I am willing to do that I will just have to teach myself the new tricks. I also should have access to a lot of the HA from gen 6 from friend safari and also I have about 80 ish dream ball mons with HA. Basically whatever your willing to do for me I have a whole list but for a batch order basically any of the special attackers legendaries timid shiny moonball with 31/x/31/31/31/31. I chose that so you can do the same time/frame for each one. But if you only want to do one then I would probably go with ho oh physical attacker shiny in moon ball. The other guy is gonna do a timid mewtwo for me
    Aww dang yea raikou sounds tough xD. Well I haven't played a whole lot of sun and moon although my dex is 802/802 now but just tell me what you need and I will see if I can get it for you. Probably my best thing so far is a dope marshadow I soft reset for but I hear those aren't as cool anymore with hyper training. I still have loads of gen 6 events too but yea if you have anything you really want in sun and moon just let me know and I'll get working on it. I should be able to gen 7 breed very soon just gotta get off my *** and get a destiny knot. Or if you need some soft resets I could buy a copy of sun just let me know. I don't have many of the new events just a timid ash greninja and adamant munchlax. I'm also thinking of opening up my trade shop so if you need time that's great it will give me time to ramp up operations for events if that's what you want.
    Hey dude hope all is going well! I've been gone a while Not sure if you remember but you did some RNG stuff for me a while back. Every time I see those Pokémon in my collection it makes me happy. I was wondering if you were open to more requests and if so if there's anything I could interest you in for another trade. Currently negotiating a long term deal with someone else for a moonball shiny mewtwo and I'm looking to grow my moonball RNG legendary collection. Anyway let me know if you are open to that and I can link you my offers. These type of Pokémon are pretty special to me so within my powers willing to trade pretty much anything. Hope you have had a good year and I hope we can trade again!
    hey there just letting you know the that the weather tournament has started good luck and have fun ^_^
    for the time being we are staying quiet, but a tournament is upcoming, I'm going to announce it tomorrow. Summers did post a spotlight challenge so you could always try that, but yeah it will likely be quiet for a little while
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